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  1. Lando

    Gaming Any Kingdom Hearts fans?

    I've played every KH game, and the first is still the best. I've really become less of a fan as I (much like many other fans) have become so confused by the story at this point. I probably won't buy another game till KH ya I may be waiting for a loooong time.
  2. Out of those three, I would pick Sora, but he's nothing compared to Roxas and Axel (they are both tied for #1)! I also agree with you and your friend that Kairi is the lamest out of the group.
  3. Some of the top of my head are Nightmare and Yakuza in Metroid Fusion, Ursula in Kingdom Hearts 1, Monsoon in Metal Gear Rising, that Jack in the box boss in Donkey Kong 64, and that god damn water temple in OoT! GOD I HATE THAT LEVEL SO MUCH!
  4. Lando

    Is Season 4 Coming Out Saturday?

    Trust me, if a new MLP season was coming out that soon, it would be impossible to not hear it. As such, you can dismiss that as a rumor.
  5. Lando

    Nostalgic toys.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures and lego set, Lizard and Spider man action figures, two Vegeta action figures ( Maijin and Frieza saga) and those basic army men toys.
  6. Lando

    S03:E09 - Spike at your Service

    I'm glad that they explored Spikes relationships with other characters, It's mainly the fact that I, much like many of the other complainers, just wish they didn't make Spike into a stooge and incapable of accomplishing tasks that we have seen him complete easily in the past. They could have easily showed how Spike is with other characters and still have it be humorous if they just showed him trying to do tasks that would be foreign to him, such as any form of farm work. I have already written up a pretty lengthy spiel on this episode (it's on page 7) so I won't go into further detail, as you can just read that instead.
  7. Lando

    Gaming First videogame you played ?

    Well the earliest games I remember playing was Blast Corps and Mario 64. I remember playing Blast Corps and having lots of fun, but being completely blown away by Mario 64.
  8. Lando


    Colorado is my favorite team, with the Jets coming in second. I've Been an Avs fan since I was in kindergarten and I saw Forsberg play. Also you can add me to the list of people on here that hates the Redwings, for obvious reasons.
  9. I used to get bullied quite a bit back in elementary due to my weight and I still have issues with my confidence stemming from that, this lead to me becoming a bit of a bully in middle school which I am horribly ashamed of.
  10. Lando

    Poor StarSwirl

    I think it's also kind of funny that the main reason he wasn't able to finish the spell is because he didn't really have friends. When I heard that, all I could think was, "damn that's kinda harsh".
  11. Lando

    THE worst pain you have ever experienced

    Mine would probably be either when I broke my wrist, or when I stepped on a bit of leftover tack strip while carrying a bed. Three nails going damn near through two of my toes is...unpleasant to say the least.
  12. Want to hear a funny story of mine that is about my low grades? No? Well to bad you're gonna hear it anyways. During Grade 9 art, I barely did anything, and I barely handed in assignments. So, to no surprise, I received a 30 when we got our first report cards. Seeing this I decided to work a tad bit harder, but still not enough and in the next term I received a 45. Want to know what my final mark for that class was? a 75. My art teacher added up my marks instead of finding out the average. Hoorah for embarassing mistakes committed by the public education system! Edit: But if we are talking about just lowest grades on an assignment I have received a few 10s and 20s in my time.
  13. Lando

    So if Rarity and Spike have a baby....

    Well during the entrance exam, Twilight looked to be around the same age as the CMC, but you also have to remember that the CMC are all late bloomers, and as such, are older than most ponies that don't have cutiemarks. So while the CMC are around 7-9 years of age, lets say that Twilight was about a year younger at around 6-8 years of age. It's safe to assume that the mane 6 are all around the same age, and that age is usually speculated to be around 20-24 years. So let's say Twilight is 22 which makes Spike around 14-16. This is a pretty rough estimation, the age could be a bit younger or a bit older, but atleast gives us a good guess on his age. Body wise, yes he is around 7-9, but due to SomE, we can basically throw this out the window, as dragons almost always grow from their greed, but since Spike isn't greedy he is forced to grow naturally, which means he will be stuck this way for a long long time.
  14. Lando

    So if Rarity and Spike have a baby....

    If they did have a kid, I would assume it would be a draconequus, but not to the severity of Discord, of course. But since this thread is already on the topic of Spike and Rarity having a kid, I think this is a suitable enough place to put my mini rant. I notice that a lot of people that don't support/ dislike/ are mutual to the Sparity ship say that one of the major problems is that they cannot have kids. Why is having kids considered a "make or break" part of a relationship? They can still have a strong relationship without childbearing coming into play.
  15. Lando

    Least Favorite Episode?

    I would say the season 3 finale was the worst in my opinion, but Spike at your Service was more disappointing for me as I was really looking forward to seeing Spike and Applejack interact.