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Rumor has it that the Mane 6 have gone missing. Sightings of ponies that look like them have been recorded. To keep the base safe from any attacks there is needed a team that can handle anything and can be assigned a mission and complete it. The missions could be doing anything. For this we need the perfect team. Are you up for the task? Do you think we have what it takes to rescue the Mane 6?


In charge of this team will be Spitfire of the wonder bolts.

Make sure you add your OC to the role play give a brief description on it.

Mirage will be the Night Watch pony

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@@Mirage X Dash


I'm leaving you this message to inform you that I moved this thread to the OOC section, and to explain why I have done this.


Every RP thread hosted in the MLPForums Roleplay World requires what we call an Out-Of-Character, or OOC thread to be made in the OOC section. This thread is used for you to plan your roleplay, find players, and discuss anything to do with the roleplay which is not in-character. This allows the RP threads to contain only in-character posts, like reading a story.


The rules for the Roleplay World section can be found here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/105753-roleplay-rules-start-here/

The most pressing ones in this particular instance are these:

  • Your OOC thread must have the same title as your In-Character Roleplay thread.
  • ALL OOC chatter must be kept within the OOC thread, not within the IC thread.
  • Your OOC and IC threads must link to each other in the opening post. This is to make it easy for users and staff to access each thread, instead of having to hunt through the forums for the corresponding threads.

When you wish to commence this roleplay, you are welcome to make a new thread in the RP section, and link the two threads as required.




Thank you,

Kay Dreamer

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