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searching Syrens (crossover/superhero/slice-of-life)

Rebel the Wolfgirl

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So this RP idea originated from a one-off gag in my fanfic series Supreme: The Ivory Icon; during one scene in the story "All This and Earth-2!", while exploring the multiversal nexus known as Alternity, Suprema (this universe's Supergirl analogue) ends up meeting Pinkie Pie, Loona (from Helluva Boss) and Della Duck while waiting in line to inquire as to where she can find the portal that leads to Earth-Squared (for context, she, her brother Supreme, and the Allies - analogous to the Justice League - are on a rescue mission looking for the main characters from the 1963 miniseries, who have been trapped on Earth-Squared for 19 years). The four of them get to talking and Pinkie Pie suggests they keep in contact.

This seemingly one-off interaction gets a call-back in a later story, when Suprema mentions that she and "her friends [she] made in Alternity" got caught in a situation on the world of Anticthonn (a "counter-Earth" on the other side of the sun where 70% of the planet is land, humans went extinct 65 million years ago + subsequently evolved into troglodytes, and intelligent dinosaurs are the dominant lifeform). And this got me to thinking - what if these four decided to form a superhero team, meeting whenever the opportunity presents itself, and solving the issues that are just too small or strange for the bigger heroes to handle? Making their homebase in the Citadel Supreme, the all-female team known as the Syrens travel around the Awesomeverse (the out-of-universe name for Supreme: The Ivory Icon's setting) and beyond solving the problems and fighting the bad guys others can't or won't.

So I'm looking for three other people who wanna play Pinkie, Loona, and Della respectively. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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