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Well heres a thing i wasnt expecting to do or more like 2 things. Be a brony and join a forum.


So when i first show bronies i was like: "Runs awaaaaay" or "bronies are the vanguard of the internets destruction"(copying quotes ftw)


And now i am like: "PONIES!!!"


Posted Image


It all started when i was bored and discovered funnyjunk.com and started seeing many funny pony images, especially http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Religion+Vs.+Bronies.+Go+ahead.+Start+a+shitstorm+over+it_d03e4f_3479487.jpg and started thinking about watching mlp but before that i went to 4chan cuz i show history started from there. I got awesome rainbow dash pics from there to throw at every reply and spammed MOAR PONIES in pony threads. I also happened to have that happy pony attitude that makes people mad down there xD


Then i decided to start watching the show. Watched the first 5 episodes from youtube while downloading the first season... Watched till season 2 episode 10 and got the next 12 episodes in psp because i am going in a small ship trip


The show was great for the following reasons:

1)Rainbow effing DASH


3)Epic lines, my latest favorite was "I am not giving him cake, i am assaulting him with cake!"

4)good characters


Sadly i started liking ponies far too much which caused the following:

1)Ponies are running around my desktop

2)My head is full of ponies and the intro song which causes concentration issues

3)I changed my avatar and name

4)I ponified my pc by changing desktop wallpaper, boot logo, windows sounds

5)Lost 25 euros since i ordered a 20% cooler shirt

6)feel 20% happier


Those reason led me to believe that Lauren Faust just like the known Faust made a deal with the devil to create the most awesome show ever and magically control people by making them feel 20% better!

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Well dang, don't you have an interesting pony history.


:] Welcome to the herd, and I hope you like it here.


Oh, and I'm Eethon. Lover of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. Pleasure to meetcha'!

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