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Silver W. Valensnow

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Hello everypony,

l have been in an underactive state as of late. l have made a post for people to request music from me (what l am best at), for that you can check out the music section of octavia's hall or ask for a link in PM.
Where drawing is concerned, l have been starting to draw in this fandom since last december after having 3 1/2 years of experience as a cartoon-drawer in black and white drawings. To give you more of an idea of my skill please check out my deviantART at: http://jonahxd.deviantart.com/

l am basically asking somepony (or more ponies if the reacts will stack) to challenge me to draw and better myself in the art of drawing. This can be through any kind of request, as long as it is pony-related. Please know that l will take a maximum queue of 5 requests. l will make a journal about it on DeviantART and keep it up2date on the progress.

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You want to draw my OC, Wolfy?

Draw her with a stethoscope, a clipboard, and black-framed glasses.


Here is a reference:


You won't get far if all you draw is ponies...   I've seen plenty of such drawings in vector on DA, all look the same simplistic & probably are done in some 10 mins or so.

Actually, Silver Snow could get quite far with drawing. It doesn't matter if they strictly draw ponies, animals, people, etc. If Silver gets good enough at it, who knows what they could accomplish.


I wouldn't talk to down to someone who is trying to better their art skills.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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