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  1. MLPFORUMS.COM was a fun ride and so was the series but it's not fun for me much anymore so I want to know if I can request for my account to either be deleted or banned Permenantly
  2. You have a very cute and adorable Oc!
  3. Good Question..., Sapphire created a set of necklaces for herself and her foals and one for her Marefriend!, i think they would be there most prized possessions~! ;3
  4. Hiya all!, I'm Starlight Latias!, i'm looking for more Pokemon Fans to talk to and trade and play against!, i think it will be alot of fun!, i also have a new skype account!, my last one got hacked... so i created a new one! Starlightlatias i hope we can play together soon!
  5. I can always use more friends!, i really love Gaming mostly Pokemon and Animal Crossing for my 3DS, i also dabble in PC Gaming and i have alot of different other Console Games!, but i also like talking about MLP and lots of other things!, My Skype is Altarianova if you wanna play some games and talk about the world, i like Marinebiology and Astronomy too!
  6. Yes Canada, One of the Free Lands in the world, We have Trees and Ice and Snow and the Beaver that drinks maple syrup, it's like the USA but with much better healthcare and a Smaller Army and all of the Poutine
  7. For Sapphy it would be her Magic would be just... horrible not teleporting or much levitation here and her Speciality for Enchanting would be horrid, Star would be bad with magic too, but not as much and her Caring would die just as Sapphys would fun question
  8. I hope i can play with other people on the mobile game my Gameloft name is Sapphiredragoon
  9. 3DS Friend Code: 3668-9380-2349 i play Pokemon X and Y and Omega Ruby and i plan on getting Super Smash 4 and i have Animal Crossing as well
  10. I'm sure many have the same opinion of the Fandom i believe it's adorable as well and you are not weird for it
  11. Thank you for completeing it Spacer they are amazing.
  12. They look Amazing you do awesome work
  13. I love G3 and newborn cuties does nothing to affect how awesome it is to me
  14. Well... whenever you want to reply to the RP then
  15. it's either you have a gut feeling about this or you just want to stay in Ponyville
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