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Searching Kingdom Hearts Shadow Falls //STILL SEARCHING\\

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IC: http://mlpforums.com/topic/108075-kingdom-hearts-shadow-falls/


It's been years since the last keyblade wielders were last seen and now heartless and nobodies have been appearing everywhere and attacking people. New keyblade wielders have been chosen by the keyblade to defeat the heartless and nobodies but it won be easy as there are people that will try to stop them. A new Organization XIII has been made except it's not the same people any more these guys are new and they don't mess around. What will these new keyblade wielders face and what troubles will lie ahead of them.

Now character sheet since this is human

Name: (Be creative please....I mean creativity is highly recommended)
Age: (Meh 15-19 at best)
Appearance: (How does you character look)
Gender: (Male or Female
Keyblade: (Either the starting keyblade from any kingdom hearts game or a custom keyblade. If you choose custom provide a picture)
Command Style: (Custom or from the game)
New Organization number and name: (I'm only allowing 3 other people besides me...one is reserved for Koneko since he was the only one who kept within the story and didn't go off the track and Axura was a great character)
Shotlock: (No Ultimate shotlocks only low level)

Name: Riku Tekukato
Age: 17
Appearance:He has silver blue hair wears a black t-shirt under a black jacket purple eyes black pants and black and red shoes.
Keyblade: Rainfell
Command Style: Blade Charge
Shotlock: Absolute Zero.
New ORG number and name: Ixkru # 13 (Roxas isnt in the org anymore at all)


ORG fill out sheet

Fighting style:

Come join and have fun

@, would you like to join again

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I'm here.


Name. Axura. #VII

Affiliation. Org XIII

Appearance. She has medium long black hair with a blue streak running through it. Bright green eyes. Lighter skin tone with a slender build.

Weapon. Dual daggers.

Affinity/element. Illusion.

Fighting style. Avoids head on conflict as much as possible, preferring to use illusions to attack and confuse enemies. Unless the fight has been brought to her, she herself will only strike when she feels it will be the finishing blow.

Limit break. Dreamscape.

She comes in close and embraces the target, sending her and her victims conscious into a dream-like state/realm. While in this state, she has full control over everything in the dream realm, but back in reality, she is completely open to outside attacks and is defenseless as she is just standing there embracing her victim.


Need any other details?

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Name: Cito Yxelvalt

Description: She has blue hair with a red streak running through it. Wears a lemon shirt with a black jacket thrown over top as well as black pants. Has blue eyes.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Keyblade: Olympia: img-2989137-1-Olympia_KH.png

Command Style: Thunder

New Organization number and name: Toxic #5 (V)

Want me to change anything or what?

Shotlock: Lightning Ray (not sure if this is OP or not)

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Ok...Shit I forgot to mention about the ORG and keyblades because usuallly they don't have one except for roxas but he's not here in this rp and I plan on trying to do what I did the last time with the Mysterious Figure...meaning if that is so then there could be two weilders in the ORG and are there because they lost there hearts.

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Name: Amethyst Lantana (or Ammy by friends)

Age: 17

Appearance: Amethyst has black waist-long hair with purple streaks running through it, she also has wolf ears that are a dark shade of purple and lavender colored eyes, Amethyst wears a dark purple tang-top with on the front of the shirt with a black crescent moon and a violet flower within the crescent moon, and a dark purple skirt with Black Trimmings, black leggings and black heeled boots.

Gender: Female

Keyblade: Oathkeeper

Command Style: Spell Weaver

Shotlock: Prism Rain

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