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"I know your magic is defensive and based on love. That works perfectly. You see, i have a plan for your power, I know it can't really be used offensively, but, it can do exactly what I need. And,iI won't be leaving Equestria, I am Sorry, but when all is said and done, things won't be the same." Turning time Luna, he smiles. "I have you beat now Nightmare Moon, and if I am wrong, Oh well. My peace is only with Cadence. Your life has no stake in my opinion, but, I don't plan on killing you. I have somepony much better in mind. Go ahead, threaten me, I have my own power with her power in top of that, but we are wasting time. I hate wasting time. Plus, I made a deal, and I keep my end of the bargain. Or, I will until one of you tries coming after me." He says, spreading his wings and taking off, planning to wait at the edge of ponyville. "Those ponies think they have me. With her love magic, I can return Nightmare Moon to Luna, or just make the bearers do that for me. When Luna is back, she will be easy pickings and I will take her horn. Lowering the Moon has to be easier than fighting it t raise the sun." Landing, he waits, calling the winds time him. "Once the elements are in thirty possession, it leaves freeing discord. Then, I get my reward and never have to hear about alicorns again."

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far away from the assassins hid king willow branches


"why pretend we're all the same" singing that stupid song for centuries and centuries of torture by the dazzlings and discord


he looked outside of his cave seeing the moon


"where's that little filly Celestia at??"


he flew off using his magic to help his wings 


"when some of us shine brighter..." 


Discord's laugh echoed through his head


he thought of the secret negative elements


Lust, Anger, Hatred, Love of pain, murder and his element...




as he arrived at a castle he used his magic to open the gates..


the negative elements... "WHERE ARE THEY" he searched frantically around 


the room searching for them and then he saw a note


dear Great grandfather willow branches


I've tooken the negative elements to a place where they cant hurt everypony


it's what you would've wanted




he took the element of insanity off his crown


"so my dear Celestia"


he ran through the door and flew into the night sky


laughing the everfree forest went silent


"me and you you and me.."


"why don't we see who is better"


he laughed 

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