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I heard that an active IP.Board member recently joined the forum (not sure exactly who) but I would like to offer a few ideas on edits to the forum and improvements I think could be made to IP.Board. I'm not exactly sure if these are even possible, but it would be nice to see them reenacted in the forums if most members agreed with them and they were approved.


First and foremost, notification grouping. This has bothered me and quite a few other members from the beginning of my experience on the forums and is probably the most bothersome thing. I use the notifications option far less then I used to due to inability to go see topics responded to without scrolling through the dozens of individual times people responded to them and have resorted to only following my own topics (to get responses to them) and a very select few others while receiving emails for new ones in forums I follow. Another thing that would be nice to implement into the notifications window-thing would be the ability to scroll down as to not just be able to see 10 notifications.




Second, reduction or removal of flood limits. Now I don't mean this for everyone, including visitors or unverified members, but some role-playing members have found the time cap on them annoying and personally, when searching to find if a topic has already been made when I'm about to create one, the (15 second?) delay between searches have been a tad annoying. I see how removing the limit between posts might cause spam, but it would be nice to have the time limit between searches to be removed for approved members, and I doubt it would cause too much server stress.




As GJB93 suggested, adding a toggle to the number of threads displayed on each page would also be a nice addition to suit peoples personal preference.


Being able to subscribe to individual members and get notifications when they posted a topic would also be a nice addition, as well as a tab for "trending posts", or "trending topics" to see which ones got the most response during a certain day or week.


Lastly, and least importantly, it would be nice to see the icons next to received messages have the name and image of the member who last replied rather then the one who started the message, similar to the way that it show's who last responded to a topic on the forums rather then who created it.




Anyways, these are only some of my suggestions on what could be improved in the forums, I don't know how difficult they would be to implement or if they're even possible with current resources, but thank you for reading this.



Also, If you have any other ideas on what you think should be changed with IP.Board or the forums in general, just leave a comment and I'll add you (or at least link you if I don't feel like writing a detailed explanation or getting a screenshot) to the Original Post!

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I actually like all of these suggestions.

Another thing that would be nice to implement into the notifications window-thing would be the ability to scroll down as to not just be able to see 10 notifications.

Yeah, sometimes I'm too lazy to press "View All Notifications" haha :P

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I agree it would be nice and useful for something to be done about the notifications. Today for example when I get up I get something like 60 notifications and a fair few of them were from the EP 25+26 discussion thread. Even when I go to view all notifications there's a lot to go through and some of them are repeated for the same topic. I've started using the content you follow section in my profile but when you click on the topic it takes to the most recent post and not the last post since you've read the topic.

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This is just a small thing that I've noticed recently, but the 50 threads per page limit is starting to feel a bit... overbearing maybe? It just seems a little unnecessary having so many threads on the one page at times. Although it probably works better having so many threads per page for some sections of the forums.


It's probably more of a personal preference thing more than anything though!

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