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My First PMV / My First Pony Video!


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So yeah, I decided to make a PMV starring Rainbow Dash. It was a new kind of experience for me: I had never worked with other's footage and I had never done lip syncing either. All in all, I think it turned out fine. :).



The song is Midtown - Become What You Hate. I hope YouTube won't take it down, but if it does, I'll try speeding it up or something similar.


I keep on wondering how all my experience in editing came to this...I would have never guessed it ^_^! Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy!

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Good job, I like it. :)

Thanks :)!


thats really good, on par with "you're gonna go far kid" I think. Some parts fit really well.

Thanks a lot! "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" was one of the PMVs that inspired me to make one ^_^!

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