Will Super Mario Maker kill platformers forever?

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You want the game to be sadistic but if its too hard it might put people off perhaps look to games like Electronic Super Joy or MeatBoy to get inspired. Or you are gonna pull a I wanna be the guy and get everyone killed lol. I wonder how those games sales compare on second thought.

On second thought BattleToads x3 gain inspiration from that. It was difficult but not impossible, and each level was unique, and there were convenient bonus lives which required some skill to get to but even more skill to beat the level so its a good sorta practicing spot if you can get them over n over in that game.

I mean what games do you wanna draw inspiration from is your choice but researching a lot wouldn't hurt. And considering you thought that MM was going to ruin the genre some research might enlighten you more, other games might have seemed to ruin the genre too before for instance. Researching development methods to review glitches or criticism etc could be useful too.

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