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  1. I can't even react or create a new profile feed post. What's going on?
  2. I had no option to acknowledge the received the warning so that I could have a hard talk with you. Why the Hell would you take a nonsense report serious only because @Raritas couldn't handle a joke that is used many times. I mean serious. You should've ignored it, but no. You all had to screw me because of that member being so easily offended. You lost credibility with that action.
  3. And still blocked!? All thanks to Raritas for being sensitive to a f*cking simple joke.

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    2. Black Sabbath

      Black Sabbath

      Wait, so we aren't talking about the tear joke he made in the "EU Referendum" topic?

    3. Raritas


      Yes we are. Personally I saw it as a joke at first but it was later removed because it was off topic and immature.

    4. Black Sabbath

      Black Sabbath

      Ah, I got confused because he made another one such joke in that thread and I thought we were talking about it.

  4. Seems like I'm still banned from posting.

    1. Nervous Stitch

      Nervous Stitch

      Hi there Limeblossom! You don't seem to have any post restrictions on your account. Please try posting once again and PM a mod or admin with more details on the issue. :)

  5. Another good news; Gawker's sympathizers, Destructoit UK's staff, got laid off. http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/06/22/destructoid-uk-team-laid-off-including-sjw-editor-who-attacked-tranny-gladiator-developer/ Deserved backlash.
  6. Happy birthday N64 :).

  7. The movie became the biggest example of a combination of high/certain expectation + delusional creator + filled with content that don't belong to a SW movie. The episode's title became a synonym for such events. For me the episode Appleoosa's Most Wanted was a phantom menace . I thought it will be a decent MLP western parody episode with some pop culture references, got the total opposite. If I knew they'd ruin it I would've used my time to get A Million Ways To Die In The West.
  8. I know, but it's also a case of R-rated movies having the potential to be successful. And The Killing joke could bring the return of adult toons on the big screen, if the film gained success.
  9. The fans waited for a long time for a film adaption and the writers where aware of it and decided to not ruin it with out of touch stuff. Luckily it met the highest expectation; Having a fun movie with an over the top crazy anti-hero . It's success even led to the film adaption of The Killing Joke.
  10. You're not the only one here in the same situation.
  11. There's nothing pathetic about being single.
  12. Probably. I think one of the high expectations is having a good antagonist. The fear of him/her being a complete joke or getting redeemed/reformed could put the film's potential in jeopardy :awuh:.
  13. Your story makes more sense than all the WB canon stuff from the last seasons, and also interesting for the concept of RD's element.
  14. Like what happened with the Phantom Menace. The amount of high expectations the fans had for the movie to be like the old Star Wars movies, while the creator was out of touch and added stuff that didn't belong to the franchise. (he did kinda admit his mistakes).
  15. Just let them taste their own medicine by calling their favorite thing gay . It never came up in my mind of seeing Bronies as gay.
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