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  1. Well, the bad news is I'm going to war with a HUD investigator because she evidently deliberately sabotaged my complaint due to either anti-furry malice or even bribery. The good news is I should be able to finish work on the greatest treatise for femboys ever, and it's geared towards furries and bronies!

    1. Roketsune


      Meant to say, should be completed by the end of the week. Muahahaha!

    2. Dark Tempest
    3. Limeblossom


      Success with the case.

  2. Well, then, it seems Admiral Kirk is one of us. I wonder when we'll start converting politicians

    1. Riganthor


      fangasm incoming :)

  3. I am a very rational and analytical person who is highly motivated to, and empowered by, acquiring knowledge. In fact, knowledge acquisition is my primary motivation for attending conventions, not socialization or things (though those are nice). Thus, I highly relate to Twilight Sparkle. Also, she is a benevolent and competent leader and organizer, as would I be IRL if I was in such a position.
  4. Well, my name was invoked. Thus. I must respond. You actually invoked my name on my birthday, so you deserve a present of some sort. *looks around, grabs a leftover Cadbury egg as that's the only presentable object* Have this as a prize! Anyway, I had been monitoring the thread, and I never got the impression they believed you were the one who argued that. I'm pretty sure they only saw me as the disagreeable asshole with crappy opinions (I imagine it's a relatively common impression by those who get too close to me). So, have no fear! I'm going to actually do the exact reverse of what I had generally done here months ago and endorse the admins. Chaos and confusion are fun, anyway! Well, only when they afflict other people are they fun. Anyway, I suspect your friend had to be either unintelligible or obstinate to be banned over grammar, if that was the underlying cause at all. I assert this because certain staff members' visceral dislike for me and my ideology was quite palpable, and yet even with me they seemed to follow this doctrine of least aggressive moderation. I never even got a warning for the censorship matters in question. If *I* am granted that sort of magnanimity, then certainly they are extremely averse to banning people save for certain things like bot spam and deliberate sabotage and the like. While it's possible the staff went all Stalin-like while I was away conducting a relocation and a discrimination complaint with the former landlord and too many other things to recall, it seems unlikely to me your friend is innocent. He had to have done a LOT to be permanently banned.
  5. I'm a pretty furry femboi, hehehehe.

    1. Dark Tempest

      Dark Tempest

      That you are buddy

  6. I was called a sociopath yesterday and was apprised of such today. Promptly researched the definition and immediately deemed myself to be far from such. Anyway, two more days until FWA and furry stuff on a grand scale!

    1. Meemfestivefox


      Government officials are the true sociopaths, not all though, lelz. Why would you be called that anyway?

    2. Roketsune


      He is a buffoon who doesn't understand the meaning of the word. He actually said that it was 'not bad' that I was a sociopath. I think he's confusing arrogance and truculence for sociopathy, which means someone devoid of empathy and morals.

  7. Is this why Build-A-Bear is discounting MLP plushies? I had no idea. I'm a terrible example of a brony. *chuckles*
  8. Build-A-Bear is selling MLP stuff at a 25% discount. All the bronies should swarm their stores now!

  9. You want to feel welcomed? What, do you think we're a bunch of ponies and followers of Celestia? *looks around and at his address bar* Oh, wait, we are! Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry to hear you feel so defensive and afraid. I have learned that engaging in any repression is spiritually very destructive, and thus such should be kept to a minimum. I actually am openly a furry and brony femboy, and dress at a furry con the same as I do when getting groceries. I honestly get hostile perceivable reactions extremely rarely, and those who are closer to me are genuine friends and allies since they know of these characteristics and don't judge me negatively for them. So, just be openly a brony and your social condition will ultimately improve, even if there is suffering and rejection while those who weren't suitable recoil
  10. Well, I just e-mailed HUD with the results of the victory on 5 February and a request to have my complaint include discrimination due to disability as well as gender. Hopefully it will be speedily done and more pressure will be applied. Also, donuts.

  11. @, As I said, most likely the target audience isn't going to have such a realization or view of it simply because they are too young. I also readily admit it's a rather subtle gesture as opposed to it being the main lesson of the show. However, it's still a transgender-friendly moment nonetheless, and it might resonate with or reassure a few children. There are indeed a few very young transgender children and I feel this would be beneficial to them.
  12. The first part of the week was rather shitty. The last few days have brought numerous victories. Today I saw an episode of MLP which was extremely galvanizing. Was at a small anime con Fri-Sat, and the court called and said the eviction case was being suspended in deferrence to HUD. The panzers are on the move!

  13. I would consider myself a moderate brony. The show I find abnormally captivating for a children's show and I am drawn to the community which is centered on it, but i don't obsess about the show and never became extremely excited about it. That changed today when I caught the second half of the episode Brotherhooves Social for a couple of reasons, and it also makes me wonder whether there are any other parts of the series which cover at all alternate gender expressions or identities in a positive way. So, I had to poop this morning after 8-10 hours of slumber, but both bathrooms were occupied. Rather than sit or stand and only contemplate how badly I needed to poop, I decided to turn on the TV and see if MLP was on. It was, and it was an episode I haven't seen before (and there are quite a number of them). I immediately see this rather large pony trying to convince some panelists that he was a mare. I wonder whether I'm seeing Big Mac pretending to be a female, and wonder why he is going through such horrible strain and pressure to enter this competition to begin with. Rainbow Dash was amusing since she realized "Orchard Blossom" was Big Mac and said, "Don't think I'll take it easy on you just because you're a stallion!". Big Mac acts embarrassedly and inadvertently breaks the table the judges are sitting at. MLP is usually amusing in various ways, so this was not remarkable. Anyway, cut to the point immediately after Big Mac/Orchard Blossom basically rampages through to the finish line like a super-heavy panzer, and his clothes disintegrate. Everyone knows by now (and many before then, I'm sure) she is really a male, and Applebloom basically excoriates him for the futile attempts to come across as a mare and never be found out. The moment that engenders a heretofore unprecedented level of pride in the show is when the judge says essentially, "That's not why we're disqualifying him. We knew he was a stallion all along. We have very loose standards for what counts as a sister." Additionally, the judge comments that his behavior was not only unladylike, but unponylike in general. I don't believe I've ever seen or heard of a show meant for children which has at all strayed into this territory. I admit since I'm transgender and a femboy I am naturally going to have a different resonance and be fixated on this. However, the fact remains, the show subtly but clearly took an affirmative stance on gender crossing. I'm sure I previously thought about whether they would ever do this or touch on sexual orientation, possibly lamenting the apparent infeasibility of such a stand given the show's main demographic and our societal norms. I honestly had no idea they had done this before. I'm surprised conservatives haven't taken up arms over this episode, since it basically told children it's okay to identify as and act as the other gender (though the children this show was designed for likely won't understand this). One of the reasons I gravitate towards bronydom is the overwhelming LGBT acceptance and lack of regard for gender norms, and I am extremely pleased the show's writers and directors found a way to have the show match this attitude. I was also moved slightly to tears at the end when Big Mac confesses the reasons he did all of this and Applebloom's response. It was a very poignant and admirable moment in an episode I already became extremely fond of. It was emotionally compelling without being ultimately saddening or otherwise upsetting. So, did anyone else react as strongly to this episode as I did? Are there any other episodes which have similarly transgender-friendly moments that I have missed?
  14. I'm reasonably sure the developers are aware of furrydom and the appeal it will have there. That being said, I find the assertion this was made primarily for furries to be absurd.