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Visual Art lego custom: Basketball shooting set

Bolt Chaser

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Since nba playoffs started today, here is a lego custom basketball set. This custom set has two minifigs has two basketball players that has one player making shots and another player blocking shots from that other minifig by pushing a lever in the back. I chose red for the rest for a certain reason(hint hint bulls hint hint). So hope you like it :D


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Sad to see Rose go down with an ACL tear.


Indeed it is. It's not just a sad day for the bulls, but for the nba. Rose is a great player in the NBA next to lebron, but seeing Rose being injured in the first round is very sad. I mean, as a bull fan, i was so excited to see the Bulls play Miami in the semi-finals, but since rose isn't playing, the playoffs aren't going to be the same. The bulls can play without rose since the bulls has boozer, hamilton(typo here), noah, c.j. watson, etc., but it's not going to feel the same without him since it's the playoffs. All i can is get well Rose and let's go Bulls...

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This is cool, I have a custom made lego F1 I made.


well that's really cool! I couldn't really build something like that when i was a little kid since i made random stuff. Again that's pretty cool you build an F1 and thx for complimenting on my creation :)

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