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Announcement BABSCon Welcomes Chang31ing and TAPS to NEIGHhem!

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Get ready to shake your tails this April at BABSCon! For NEIGHhem at this year’s Bay Area Brony Spectacular has got Chang31ing and Taps to help bring the house down!
That’s right! Not one but two new music sensations are joining Alex S as Community Guest Musicians! As a Master of Underground Bass, Taps effortlessly flows between grimy trap, dirty deep house and lighthearted future bass. Whether jamming to his classic “Sound Barrier” or his most recent release "grind", his skills (and the dance floor) resonate through his music!
One of the best technical DJs in the fandom, Chang31ing never sticks to just one genre. Whether it's his own high energy remixes or the songs you know so well, you can be sure he'll keep you guessing!
If you truly want to get your rock on, BABSCon is where to be! Memberships are selling fast, but are for the moment still available, so get yours today:
Be sure to keep eye on your local pony news outlet! BABSCon has more Community Guest, Musician, and Industry Guest of Honor announcements coming soon!


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