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Open A RP. (has no title) (closed)

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(Apparently the threshold in which the minimum amount of characters in this beggining roleplay is very vast and large, so this setence and maybe a few random letters are placed here because my mind has no idea what else to say because its early in the morning and I cannot think in tye morning or at nighttime at all so yeah. It stinks.)


(This roleplay begins in Ponyville, but it can travel to new places.)

*yawning and accidentally bumps into ther person who replys.*


(persons reply)

*a moment passes as she gets herself recollected.*

*Sorry... I didnt see you. Are you ok?


*Nicely having a conversation to them* *Healing or not depending on your answer.*

*Sooo... um is there a library here? I just arrived here.

*something went wrong because of the minimum character lentgh of the posts.*

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