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Siege of Canterlot: Chrysalis/To Where and Back Again tribute composition

Midnight Chimes

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It's an ok listen. 

However, you limited yourself to the tonic of C minor for the majority of the piece. That bassline staled out very early in the piece. You need to vary it up so that way, your piece can stand out. You also need a solid four-chord progression, which can really give this piece some extra stuff. Here are some suggestions for progressions:





There are many more progressions out there. 

In terms of sound quality, most of your sounds can benefit from humanization, especially your percussion. 

The quotes unfortunately, were a little out of place, and really didn't fit with the overall feel and vibe of the piece. 

All in all, I feel this piece can benefit from a revamp. Don't be discouraged by what I said in my critique, for with work, you can become the best you can be. PM me if you need further explanation on certain things I said in my critique.  

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