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Oops! I never said hello, how impolite of me!


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Hello everypony! I found this site just yesterday, and spent a while browsing the forums.and such, avoiding studying for my finals, which are.... tomorrow... Just don't tell Twilight what I'm doing,I might get a lecture. :(. But I have been a brony for a while, emore towards the middle/endish of the first season. My first episode was Sonic Rainboom! And it has been my favorite ever sense! Fluttershy is the cutest ever, besides cutie mark crusaders, but Luna, I think, is the coolest pony. Sorry Rainbow ;)


Wow I need to learn to shorten these! O.o

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Fluttershy is the cutest ever

She is, isn't she?


Welcome to the forum. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy wonderful bastion of kindness and friendship anywhere on the internet.

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