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Stretch Goals Master Thread


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Stretch Goals


While we would likely all agree that helping to bring a smile to an ailing child requires no reward or recognition, the MCM is also about celebrating the virtues of our community and saying thank you to all of those that participate. Bringing joy to others, celebrating the spirit of the season, and having fun in the process is an enduring element to this tradition. Last year we introduced stretch goals for certain fundraising objectives. Some were thank you's to the community, and others were designed to embarrass staff and give everyone but a victim a hearty laugh. I am pleased to announce that we have brought this back for this years fundraiser.

Below are the goals, hidden and ready to be opened as we reach each level. As we reach each goal, it may trigger other threads or events. As we will be using two platforms to raise money this year, the sum of both will count toward these goals. Have fun guessing what is in each present or ornament ... the hints are there if you look closely enough. I will tell you that we hope that as many of these and more are unlocked over the next month. Let's make Christmas merrier fillies!



Stretch Scootaloo! You can do it!



 $50 Goal - Generosity Rank

(Announcement thread link)




$100 Goal - Best Gift Ever

(Announcement thread link)




$250 Goal - Name Change a Staffer + Staff Solo Song

(Solo song thread link)




$500 Goal - Group Song + Solo 2 and Holiday Party on Discord

(Donor Song Link)




$750 Goal - Pie Challenge / Visit From St. Nicholas / Holiday FanFic

(Pie Challenge Link)




$1000 Goal - :raritypleadhat: Emoticons / Reactions / and a Christmas Classic Song

(Announcement Thread Link)

(Holiday Fic Thread Link)




$1250 Goal - Ban a Staffer

(Link here)





$1500 Goal - ???




$1750 Goal - ???




$2000 Goal - ???




$2250 Goal - Jeric wears crossplay


post-36804-0-34925800-1479996430 (2).png



$2250 Goal - Jeric films a music video in cosplay 




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41 minutes ago, Bas said:

I am bit confused.

This is my first CMC MCM, but these goals look to become badges, or at least the first one did.

WHile reading at 2018 CMC MCM, the stretch goals seem to have been...different. Like ice bucket challenge, ban a staffer etc.

Stretch goals are different. The first one was the badge, but that doesn't mean there will be an invasion of these with each goal. ;) 

Seems like this thread hasn't been updated yet; At this very moment you can head to the main thread and see the unwrapped thus far goals. :) 


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