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gaming How is the Switch's online behind?


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Google would be your friend, but the general criticisms are this:


  • No virtual console, instead you are basically subscribing to get a tiny selection on NES games which you lose access to when your subscription ends.
  • No dedicated servers, yet you’re expected to pay for it.
  • Poor connectivity, where it’s almost unanimously agreed that the connection is poor and most of the time unpredictable, more so that their competitors.
  • No messaging system on the system.
  • Voice chat is handled by a smartphone app for most games.
  • No achievement system.
  • Cloud saves are limited to only certain games, which is very bad because a lot of the excluded games are big first party titles.
  • The quality of service hasn’t really improved since the Wii days, but we’re expected to pay for it now, to name a few.
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