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About the fate of EqG


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For one like myself, I think it's a foregone conclusion that the spin off will end/discontinue after Starswirl Do-over adaptation

I think Hasbro has already made up it's mind on discontinuing the spinoff as part of wrapping Generation 4. And before the Fim Series Finale, it seems. They are merely waiting until the time is right. likely scenario would be that this would just fizzle out at season 2 with no proper finale. After Starswirl special , that's it.

And also, why are there so many Optimists/Half-fulls thinking that "It's not over because Hasbro did not confirm it." I don't care if Hasbro hasn't announced it yet. People thought the same about season 9 not being the final season and look at us now . . . it was announced that it was the final season. And also Hasbro doesn't have to be entirely transparent to the fans.If Boulder Media isn't working on it. Then so be it. 

i honestly feel like much of the EqG half of this fandom is in the denial or bargaining stage of grief.

Though i have to wonder if Hasbro will ever attempt something Similar to EqG in the future. Or at least something that follows some of the concepts such as the humana nd pony worlds existing as separate dimensions as well as it's rules and concepts of cross dimensional travel and interaction.


I see abrupt discontinuity as the most likely way for this spinoff to end. No resolution no proper conclusion.

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