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Your Top 5 Mythical Creatures


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This is the top 5 amazing creature but nothing in the MLP until the season 9 ended because too they may be too terrifying and too powerful that is why this creatures is not in the MLP or even that creatures is appeared but rarely seen:



Kraken is a giant octopus or a giant squid, Kraken is life in the under the sea and sometimes Kraken always attacking passing ships with wrapped around the ship with use his/her tentacles.There is so many novel tells the story about this monster example from the Greek Mythology Kraken fight against the Titans and Kraken is the winner but because that vincory the Gods and Goddess  who once created Kraken become afraid. Kraken become so popular when Kraken join his/her debut in the Pirates of the Caribbean, in the Movie Kraken become one of the villains and attack so many ships.

Maybe Kraken cannot join MLP because there is villain in the G1 is same like this creature but if this monster join maybe there will be the battle in under the sea and we will see more adventure in under the sea.



You can call Kurama,Nine-Tale,Kitsune or even Kyubi because all of them are from the Asia Mythology example Japanese. In the Mythology, Kurama almost never lose fight against the Gods and Goddess but maybe Kurama is not really never even lose against them. This monster become so popular because his/her debut in the Naruto when Kurama help Naruto fight against Madara and the Jubi.

If this creature join MLP this creature will become the most powerful creature because his/her stamina or even his/her move is really fast.

Yamata no Orochi


Yamata no Orochi is a giant snake with 8 head, this monster is from the Japanese Mythology. Orochi is a monsters that always unsettled citizens and always eats all of the citizens children until finally Susanoo succeed to kill this monster with use his sword and cut all of Orochi heads from that Susanoo was find the Kusanagi Sword. Orochi become so popular because join his/her debut in the Naruto,One Piece and also in the Godzilla comic.

If Orochi appeared maybe many people will claim this monster is Hydra but remember the story about Susanoo fight against Orochi is so amazing and so popular until now.



Fenris is a wolf from the Nordic Mythology but this is not a normal wolf because every time the Gods and Goddess capture this wolf, Fenris is always free until finaly Fenris was captured and then tied with ribbons. Fenris become so popular because join debut in the Thor Ragnarok and this wolf become one of Thor,Hulk,Loki,etc's villain beside Hela.

If Fenris appeared in the season 4 or even in the season 9 and fight against Lord Tirek that would be an epic battle.

Golden Eagle or Zeus Eagle


Zeus Eagle or Golden Eagle this eagle is from the Greek Mythology, according from the Mythology this eagle is always give Zeus the news from the out Olympus or even news from the world but maybe the news is not only to Zeus because this eagle sometimes gives news to other Gods and Goddess. This eagle become so popular because his/her debut in the God of War's game in PC,Playstasion,etc, we can seen Zeus transform from a eagle in the God of War 2 and sometime in the Zeus statues we will seen that eagle too.

I really want this creature join MLP and become Flash Sentry's pet or even his friend because maybe that is good idea if this eagle help Flash Sentry if he needs help but that is too late because now the season 9 was ended.


And there is it, some of the most popular creature that deserve to join but can't until finally the season 9 ended and close the MLP show but remember the story is not really end with that because the story is continued until now so this is not time to close the book.

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The section FiM Show Discussion is designated to talk about/analyze the show. This is not doing that. Therefore, I will be moving this topic to the Forum Lounge, as it is asking users to share a preferred list which is more of a fun, random thing.

Also, I have altered this thread’s title :derp:

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Dwarves, just Dwarves. Masters of the forge, excellent fighters, and engineers that can sometimes make them have even a more steam-punk look (even if this picture doesn't show that). Seriously, Final Fantasy IV's dwarves have F***ING TANKS.



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Everyone, of course! Everyone that isn't me is my favorite mythological creature. :fabulous:

But in all seriousness... :mlp_laugh:

I'll try not to flood the list with Japanese creatures only, so in no particular order...

Alicorns, Phoenixes, Wraiths, Nekomata, and Oni.

I'm surprised Dragons didn't make the top five, to be honest. Seems like one of those creatures everyone loves. :mlp_ooh:

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1. Dragons

Or more specifically, Western Dragons. And do I really need to explain?


2. Pegasi

3. Alicorns

4. Phoenixes

5. Griffons

11 hours ago, Toshigami Equine said:

I'm surprised Dragons didn't make the top five, to be honest. Seems like one of those creatures everyone loves. :mlp_ooh:

As of this post, they did :crackle:

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