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Who Is This Background Pony?!

Master Chief

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I find this pony rather cute, and she is seen in almost every episode featuring Canterlot. Who is she?

Posted Image



P.S. That is the best image I could snip in Netflix real fast.

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She's known as Violet or Starbeam Twinkle. I believe both of these are probably fan-made place-holder names, though. I don't know if she has an official name, yet. Hasbro has referred to her as Starbeam Twinkle.

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Like Blue said, MLP: FiM's Wikia is without a doubt the best resource for information, and in this case, you can use this article to easily find information about every singe pony that has appeared on screen, or been mentioned.




There is a handy legend, and you can also sort by mane, coat, eye color, name, etc.

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