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searching Once Upon a Fairy Tail (Anthro/Open)


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In a land where magic is in abundance, and where friendship often transcends even appearance. There are many guilds that dot the land, all consisting of wizards of many and varying talents, one of the most popular and well known guilds, Fairy Tail, the very guild that Koru "Blaze" Flame calls home and her family. They are at peace with most the other guilds, well save for the Dark Wizards. Is where this story will be set, well sort of.

The story starts in the guild hall, where Koru is looking for a job that will either pay for enough for a boat, or on a boat that is on the path she is going on.

Oc characters are welcome, but of course canon characters from both Fairy Tail and MLP are welcome. Of course, anyone from the Guild will be like family for my character Blaze.


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