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does Spoiled rich know that the Cutie Mark crusader were Taught by Princess Twilight?


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Spoiled Rich is spoiled rich aware that the Cutie mark crusader were Taught by Princess Twilight sparkles? or that they are related to each one of the element of harmony bearer



sweetiebelle is the sister of rarity who is a famous fashion designer and   element of generosity.


applebloom is the sister of applejack a apple farmer and The element of honestly


scootaloo is the adopted sister of rainbow dash a famous wonderbolt and element of loyalty


and a Teacher that is a alicorn Princess

For all her talk of prioritizing going upwards in society and rearing Diamond Tiara to have the same attitude, her incompetence in said topic would make every real  Social Climber  roll their eyes at her stupidity. She looks down on the CMC and balks at her daughter making friends with them. The trio in question have direct connections to four of Equestria's greatest heroes and have a Princess as a teacher on a weekly basis . It's the Earth equivalent of not sucking up to a person who has The Avengers on speed dial while having access to the White House. If anything, Spoiled Rich should have been scolding her daughter for not leeching off the CMC.


Excting Cutie Mark Crusaders

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I think the point of Spoiled Rich is to be purely materialistic. The CMCs aren't rolling in dough, the most monetary valuable asset they have is most likely the tree house. Spoiled Rich doesn't have any interest in Diamond Tiara establishing relationships with them. Even the mane six, except Twilight and her castle maybe, didn't seem to experience many lifestyle changes in their lifestyles (money wise) even though their importance to Equestria was vital. I'm sure they could have lived like royalty in Canterlot if they wanted to do so. It's not in their personalities to care about that stuff, or try to abuse their status for personal gain. Contrary to what Spoiled Rich holds as important values.

Being extra cynical one could think that she's willing to put Diamond Tiara's happiness in jeopardy if it means preserving her social exclusivity.

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