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Veteran Perks - Feedback Wanted


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Heya all! The BabsCon Convention Chair Sgt. Ardent reached out to me to solicit feedback from military veterans on how to acknowledge their service in a meaningful way at BabsCon 2023. Here is his message followed by various ways to reach out to him. While I personally did not serve, I come from a long line of those who have, and this is something I care deeply about. 



Howdy y'all! 

First off, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this. It truly means a bunch!

Secondly, and more to the point, I'm a veteran like a lot of you in our community are (Army AUG 2015-DEC 2018) and have a very intimate understanding of the sacrifice and general shenanigans you either have dealt with or are dealing with in service to your country.

My story, probably much like yours, is filled with joy, grief, pain, growth, trauma, laughter, anger, and a myriad of other emotions and feelings that to this day us warriors still deal with. From being nearly involved in a hot war with North Korea while stationed in South Korea with 6-52 ADA in 2017 to having to endure hardship from incompetent leadership when my brother died back home when I was stationed at Ft. Lewis with 1-17 in 2018 - and everything in-between that the usual Joe/Jane goes through - I have been through the gamut and know well enough that y'all deserve the best possible while performing an often painful service that is required for us to have the country we have. From one warrior to another, you have my thanks.

However, I do not believe "thanks for your service" is enough. It is because of the fine folks like yourselves that we have the freedom to enjoy MLP and the other "odd" interests and hobbies we have. Yet from my experiences, there is not much of an official recognition of our servicemembers and veterans within our fandom communities, MLP in particular. I wish to be part of the change by making BABSCon 2023 the tip of the spear in this regard.

To that end, I would like to ask that if you all have any thoughts or ideas as to how BABS can reasonably accommodate and recognize our brave brothers and sisters in arms to drop them my way either on our Discord, Facebook, or Twitter. Any ideas that I believe my team and I can implement for 2023 I will have announced in our Veterans Day announcement in November. An example I can give of something we will be implementing is priority status for Servicemembers/Veterans where they are allowed first dibs on autographs and other services where long lines tend to occur.

I'm incredibly grateful for your audience and I look forward to seeing your creativity in full display!

~ SGT. Ardent


The Con Chair can be reach in several places. 

Discord: SGT. Ardent#0618
Twitter: @SgtArdent
Email: hector@babscon.com

Alternatively you can also find him or reach out to the Convention through their social platforms. 








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Not sure about what Sponsor perks are available, but perhaps give them a rather high tier for a steep discount? Or give them their own 'Royal Guard' tier with exclusive perks and events with the guests of honor? Small things like priority access for seating, lines and vendor halls. Special con merch made for them. Special mentions in the con guide. Maybe a special dining event just for them and the GoH, depending on how many there are? 


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