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I need a bit of help with my Original Characters. I'm thinking about how I would revamp G5 using original characters (Cause let's be honest, G5 has a ton of issues), and I'm thinking about my main characters. It's not a 'project' per say, but it's something I have been thinking about for weeks now. I made the basic designs for the characters in a Roblox game - (Yes, I'll admit the designs could use a bit of work) - and I have the placeholder names for them, but I think I could do a lot better with the designs, names, and personalities. I put the designs below, and the if you can't see the names on the pics the placeholder names in order are Eclipse Halfmoon (Replacement of Sunny Starscout and my favorite), Seastar Dawn (Replacement of Izzy Moonbow), Princess Skye Stratos (Replacement of Hitch Trailblazer), Smooth Sprint (Replacement of Zipp Storm), Sapphire Stone (The replacement of Pipp Petals), and Mystic Meadowdew (Replacement of Misty Brightdawn).

I know, there are way too many S names, and I may have used a bit too much blue in the designs, but I think it's a good start. Although I will need some help coming up with better names, better designs, and more interesting personalities than the ones I have in mind. Any of you guys have any ideas?

Eclipse Halfmoon.png

Seastar Dawn.png

Princess Skye Stratos.png

Smooth Sprint.png

Sapphire Stone.png

Mystic Meadowdew.png

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I think the Roblox renders look alright. I think i may be able to come up names and personalities and simple backstories for the characters.

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Thanks! Art is NOT my forte and I have not learned how to create 3D models or animate(yet), so I just resorted to Roblox. XD Also they're designs have gone through quite a few changes over time. Especially Seastar and Smooth(Whom was my least favorite in terms of design and name) in terms of designs. Personalities are where I struggle the most if I'm being honest. :laugh:

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