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Need help with picking edition of these...

Light Blade

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So I have finally decided to give them Teen Titans books by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo as part of my fight against my baby duck syndrome.

Being my typical perfectionist self, I encountered some issues:

Looks like so far only first 3 books have hardcover options and there is no clear answer whether the 4th book will have one or not. I would certainly prefer HC because they last longer. Also, Last 2 books have exclusive versions in B&N and Walmart with some exclusive additional content, although those are also paperback. Oh, and they have announced the paperback edition with connected covers, which is to be released around early August.

Soooooo...What would be the definitive way for me to get these and so that they don't look off when I put them on a shelf? :twismile:

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