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  1. Thorgir the Mighty

    Sonic Fan Club

    Really? I thought it was Sanic .exe. Or Mario,who at the time was angry at sanic because he was better than him. Mario got his vengeance apparently...
  2. Thorgir the Mighty

    Sonic Fan Club

    *cough Sonic boom cough*
  3. Thorgir the Mighty

    General What's the least amount of sleep you've gotten?

    I’d say 3 or 2 hours of sleep at one point,yet felt energized when I woke up
  4. Thorgir the Mighty

    Sonic Fan Club

    *cough Sonic ‘06 cough*
  5. Thorgir the Mighty

    What are your names in real life?

    My real name is %~€# £¥#<
  6. Thorgir the Mighty

    Ask the Mane 6

    The tables have turned! Its a joke,but still can you enter the speedforce and go faster than a attosecond?
  7. Thorgir the Mighty

    nightmare moon Ask an Insane Nightmare Moon!!!

    I killed them...they wouldn’t I hear them,screaming in anguish...(laughs)
  8. Star Trek,imagine the Odyssey coming across a planet full of ponies and decided to study them...Spock would be fascinated. And Discord would meet Q and wonder why does he seem familiar.
  9. Thorgir the Mighty

    nightmare moon Ask an Insane Nightmare Moon!!!

    Your welcome...... Have a nice night....(evil laugh)....
  10. Thorgir the Mighty

    Ask the Mane 6

    Well my friend Barry Allen (The Flash) can run faster than the speed of light within a attosecond
  11. Thorgir the Mighty

    Ask the Mane 6

    It’s simple,your not FAST enough
  12. Thorgir the Mighty

    Ask Sonic!

    SANIC! Y u no have good games no more?!?
  13. Thorgir the Mighty

    Ask the Mane 6

    Mary Sues suck Rainbow! I dare you to break into the speedforce!
  14. Thorgir the Mighty

    The battle thread!

    Hello and welcome ponies if all ages!!! this is the all new BATTLETHREAD!!! This thread is created by me is to discuss our,”who would win” fantasy’s! The thread includes different Match Types Classic (Standard gear,no power ups or enhancements. Won via K.O) No holds barred (No rules,won via K.O) Death Match (No Rules,Anything goes. Won via Death) Gunfight (Two opponents are placed in a arena with a weapon of choice. Won via Death) Normal battle (all powers disabled,and no gear,skill only. Won via K.O.) Classuc Duo (Same as classic but with a partner) Death Match Duo (same as Death Match But with a partner. Won via Death/last man standing) Champion Match (a match against the strongest champion. Won by Death or K.O. Once a week) Special Match (Customizable Match by leader) There will be 6 events everyday,from Opening to Main Event. Ill set the events then everyone will debate on who will win in each match,then as I give out the next events,I’ll declare who won in the previous matches. If you like to help me set matches,personal message me! *The contestants can range from books,movies,tv,video games,etc. the matches are cross-genre,from Western to Eastern.* Match 1 Classic Match The Joker vs Leather Face Arena: Beef Slaughterhouse (where burgers are made) Won via K.O Match 2 Duo Death Battle Green Arrow + Bullseye vs Deadshot + Domino Arena: Abandoned Military HQ Won via Death/last man standing Match 3 Special Match USS Odessey (Full crew) vs Starfox (Full crew,no fighters) Arena: uncharted area of space Won via Death Match 4 Special Match Frankenstein (Deathrace) Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Punisher Mad Max (Fury Road) Arena: Daytona 500 Won via Race ending/Death Match 5 Normal Match Batman (no gear,coms,etc) vs Neo (no powers,bullet time,etc) Arena: The roof of Empire State Building Won K.O MAIN EVENT The Hulk vs The Preadator Arena: A small city near a lush jungle No holds barred Won via Death/K.O Thats all for Today folks! Tune in at this thread at 10:30 to see the results and new matches! (Remember,no arguing! Just have a friendly debate!)
  15. Thorgir the Mighty

    General Media Am I the only one who doesn’t like DC Comics/DCEU?

    He’s just boring for me. Plus he’s also kind of a jerk right now