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  1. "No image available" and "inactive"

    Is he really get banned from here forever or what? :mlp_wat:

    Anybody there?

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    2. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      .... Ok.

      I won't ask this kind of thing again in the future.

      Thx for the info!

  2. Wait,is Hasbro supporting gays? I’m a Christian and I believe you,but if this franchise supports homosexuality I’m out!
  3. Anyone wanna listen to some rain? Purple Rain???
  4. 10/10 so beautiful...
  5. Yeah that’s my fault,I meant the Germans. But we’d still be able to beat the Russians
  6. This pony? ^I’ll call him Link lol a pony whom can bend time
  7. I was at Walmart and a plastic bag flew out of a car and I thought it was a Klansman coming out of his car But I’m not racist,all men/women/races are created equal. (Well at least I do)
  8. USA,Russia would put up a fight but USA could take em. We did it before and we’ll do it again!
  9. The series should die! I hate Family Guy along with American Dad!
  10. Yeah it’s basically your modern teenagers,and unnecessary crude humor along with alcohol and drugs. Actually,is this cartoon based on our Modern Teens?
  11. I only have one reaction if they actually made a live action mlp.