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Hiya, Everypony!


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Hello there! I'm Snowflake. Well, not really, but you know that. Anyway, I'm not new to the fandom, however I am new to this website. I'm mostly here to make new friends (considering none I have partake in watching this wonderful show), but I'm also interested in finding some new people that write fanfics, and make music for bronies. But, I don't wanna ramble, I hope to have a wonderful time here.

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Some quick notes(in case you did not know):


You need 5 posts to get an avatar and a signature I believe.

Posts in Welcoming Plaza and Cloudsdale Collosseum do not count toward post count.

If you want to get someone's attention use the Quote button on the bottom right of their post.


Other then that, Hope you have a great time here and Welcome again!

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Thank you, Chigens. I have read the rules and such, but I like that you're nice enough to tell if I hadn't. :3


( thanks for the brohoof, FlutterShock. :P


Hehe Why are other things needed when their are puzzles and hugging? :3

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