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Opaline Alone (Interest Check)

Props Valroa

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In this roleplay scenario, the story revolves around Opaline, an immortal Alicorn who was previously defeated by the Mane 5 and subsequently trapped within the tree of her former lair. Unlike normal ponies, Opaline's immortality allows her to survive without the need for sustenance. However, her powers have been stripped away, leaving her trapped within the confines of the tree with seemingly no way to escape. Time becomes meaningless as her thoughts consume her, and her emotions and memories torment her relentlessly. After an unknown period of enduring this mental and emotional turmoil, Opaline eventually succumbs to a deep slumber. It is unclear how much time passes while she is in this state, but when she finally awakens, she finds herself an exit, previously unseen, materializes in front of her within the tree. Seizing this newfound opportunity, Opaline escapes her prison.

The path Opaline chooses to take from this point forward is uncertain and will be determined through the course of the roleplay. Will she seek to regain her control over Equestria and enact her revenge upon those who defeated her, or will she embrace a different path, one that diverges from her previous ambitions?

In this 1x1 roleplay, you will be playing alongside me as Opaline's companion. You have the freedom to choose any character you desire, whether it be an original creation or a canon character. I am seeking a committed writing partner who can match my level of dedication and effort. While my responses may range from paragraphs to multiple sentences, I kindly request that you provide at least a full paragraph in your replies. I would also like for my partner to describe surroundings, from time to time. It is important to note that Opaline will have limited to no access to her magic in this roleplay, as her powers have been greatly diminished. As a Fire Alicorn, she will have to find alternative sources of magic, such as dragon magic or the magic contained within cutie marks, which will be scarce and difficult to obtain for her.

If this is of any interest you, please mention me @Props Valroa - and we can discuss details. I am open to a lot of things. It doesn't even have to exclusively be set in the G5 universe. Maybe the tree opened up to another reality, where she finds her way into? Maybe the tree opened up, a mere few hours after her defeat? 



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Uuuuuuu...... Hmmmmm.... So many possibilities.... This has also made me wonder about opaline... Is that it for her!? And the mind wonders.... Would an elden ring setting be good? Time travel perhaps? Or introduction to Draconicous? Or perhaps a timeline where she meets twilight and Starlight at the breaking point and she ended up disrupting it and ended up becoming starlight's ally? Uuu the possibilities.... Too bad hasbro can't conjure up good ideas....

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