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Over the vast forests and rivers of Equestria, several Pegasi are destined to gather together, and create an unstoppable team. A team who will forever end hatred and anger in this glorious land they proudly call home. Slowly, the team shall form, and those shall discover how true their talents really are.



-no godmodding

-try your best to use proper grammar

-no obscenities

-be polite





Storm shook out her slender wings, and bore her eyes across the land. The sun was hazy as it appeared over the horizon, colors exploding along the landscape. Stepping forward, she plummeted off the cliff on which she had stood. Gaining momentum, she carefully parted her wings, power surging throughout her entirety. Seconds before hitting the icy river, Storm pulled herself upwards with a swift force.

After exercising her wings, she retired to the mossy path beside the water. As she continued to travel, she noticed a commotion off into the trees. She hastily jumped into the air, trying to create some illusion of stillness. Peeking down, Storm's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped at the sight below her....

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Firelotus: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/firelotus-r4164


Firelotus woke up from a long night of drawing in the sky. Her wings cramp from the misuse and then sudden rest for eight or nine hours. She flapped her wings wincing at the pain. "Please... I'll help you woah!" She took off too quickly and she fell towards the ground. Her eyes closed and she folded her wings against her but she couldn't able to stop or even buffer the fall. She crashed quickly and painfully sending her moaning and not being able to get up. 

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