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writing Please...


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I know it seems hard.


I know it seems like nothing is going well in life.


I know I don't understand everything that goes on in your life...


I'd like to... but I don't.


I really wish I could help you more than just words...


But know my entire heart is in these right now.


I haven't cried as much as I have the last two days.


The second I read your letter...


I started bawling.


I cannot see you hurt so bad.


It hurts...


I don't know why, but it hurts.


It's like my heart is being set aflame.


I want to help you...




I wish I could go through the computer screen right now.


I want to just hug you until your head pops.


You mean everything to me.


My girlfriend hurts me.


People hurt me.


You just make me happy...


You mean so damn much to me.


I don't know what to do anymore.


I want to just... take your problems.


I want to be the one that faces these problems.


I don't want you to be hurt so bad.


If I could take your past and make it own, I would.


I would much rather me hurt than you.


I know I can't help...


That's what is killing me.


A few simple words is all I can give...


I really... really wish I met you earlier so all this pain could be prevented.


I'm so damn young... it wouldn't of been possible.


I'm so... so sorry...


I don't know how else to say what I feel.


I feel... miserable right now.


I feel your pain...


I know your anxiety...


I have panic attacks as well when people get near me.


In our roleplay with Erin...


That's absolutely me.


It's the entire truth.


I cannot be in large crowds, I freak out.


I've wanted to cut forever.




I don't want to make this about me...


I don't have to cut with you around.


You make my days...


When I woke up to a text from you this morning, you have no idea how wide I smiled.


Please... you can't die...


I really won't be able to live myself...


You're all I have left.


Please Serenity...


I love you...



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aww. this made me cry Kohta. i love you bro.(no homo) you too Machine.you guys are pretty much my family. i would hate to see either of you leave. please stay Machine. mostly for Kohta, but also a little for me. :(

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