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Worst Case Scenarios


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Best response ever :D

As a girl, I don't really get teased a lot for ponies, not at all really. But one thing I've learned about being "weird" is that the more you own it, the less people give a crap. The more power they think that they have over you, the more they will try to control you. If they think that you are strong, they will leave you alone. You do not need to be strong, you just need to make them believe it. Be assertive, not aggressive. It's basic nature. Just watch animals in the wild sizing each other up.


Well thank you!


And you're theory on owning your weirdness is a good one. Not sure on how effective it would be in real life, but I'll find out once someone let's the cat out of the bag. The day people start to troll me about being a Brony, yes I'll be VERY annoyed, but I'll own it no matter what everyone else thinks!

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"Yes... and I'm a girl!"


"Again, do you not see my breasts?"


"Technically bisexual... but I'm gay most of the time."



Being a smartass aside, I would also mess around with their heads and just keep grinning at them like a madman about how much I loved ponies and telling them that I wanna be a unicorn and it's all awesome. Then I'd put my finger on my head and make weird noises and say: "Whooo, look at me, I'm a unicorn!" Then they'd think I was too crazy to continue talking to, at which point they'd leave me alone. Mission success!


It really doesn't bother me that somebody would be negative about me watching ponies. I find the reactions of people being weirded out utterly hilarious. Which is kind of odd, I guess. As yet another girl, I probably get a lot less abuse about this, but... I guess if I was in a more serious mood, I'd explain that a lot of men like it as well and I'm not usually into girly things, which makes it amazing and good and unlike the ponies they had known from previous generations. If they didn't listen, I'd just say: "Okay, I guess it's just not your thing. You can try it if you'd like, but you don't have to." And then I'd move on and leave it at that.


On the flipside, I have often been accused of liking GUY movies, just because I'm into science fiction and LOVE Mythbusters!


Arylett, you should buy a package of icecream cones, and keep one handy for forehead placement. Hmm, Just got a weird idea for next Halloweeen!

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Hmm... Well, I'd say, "If I sat you down and got you to watch 3 episodes, you would be hooked!" And they'd probably ask my which ones, and I'd say, "Friendship is magic parts one and two, along with *Insert episode that best fits the person here*" And they'd probably look at me weird, and then they'd make a bet, and we'd watch the episodes together (because I love FIM so much I'll watch it again) and then, if they don't like it by the end of the third episode, I'd just shrug and say, "Well, whatever, I guess I'll just have to love and tolerate you!" And let them go... Of course, not liking it would be very hard for anyone, so it's very unlikely that I'd end up saying that last bit... Well, I haven't had anyone say that yet (and I'm a girl, so it's easy to see why) but what I get is, "Isn't that a show for little girls?" and most of the time I just retort with, "I am pretty childish you know!" because I am, and they just shrug and accept me... Hopefully...

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