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  1. November 1, 2010: [i was lying on the hospital bed. The insides of my abdomen hurt like sh*t, and hurts even more whenever I move. Apparently eating medicine didn't help, and this was the 4th hospital I have visited. The doctor, who was an old surgeon in his early 60's and a close friend of my grandmother's, walked up to me and put his hand on my belly. He then tapped that hand with his other hand. I groaned. "Does it hurt when I press over here?" He asked. I nodded. The doctor took his hands off me. "You need surgery."] That was over 2 years ago when I had peritonitis, which is basically a more severe case of appendicitis. I had never had any sort of surgery before that and I was pretty scared. It was my first surgery and it was kind of a major one. I'm totally fine now, and my mom bought me $400+ of stuff as sympathy gifts. All in all, my life was saved and it was worth it The scariest moment of my life~~~
  2. Being loving and tolerant is not easy, it requires a great deal of patience and an open mindset. In other words, it can be quite difficult to always live by the "love and tolerate" rule, and I'm sure lots of bronies don't follow it as well. Either way I think it is a good motto and people should still try to follow it.
  3. I have heared many pony songs that are much better than the 'normal' stuff you hear these days. Much better, in fact. I have a playlist on my phone called 'Pbeat' which only has MLP music , and another one called 'R', which is more fast-paced pony music I listen to in the gym while on the threadmill. I have one other playlist containing nonpony music. The playlist is called 'Jazz'. It has over 400+ jazz songs on it, and although jazz isn't pony music it isn't really 'normal' music as well. Jazz is one of the only genre of music I totally appreciate besides pony music. Old rock is good too, but a lot of the stuff from today, like [most] dubstep and pop aren't all that great in my opinion.
  4. Of course. A pony related tattoo will make anyone 20% cooler. Personally I would get something subtle like cutie marks. My personal choices would probably be: -Rainbow Dash cutie mark -Vinyl Scratch cutie mark -Pinkie Pie cutie mark -Celestia cutiemark -Trixie cutiemark I have never had a tatoo before, and if I was ever to get one I would get one of the above choice, or all of them
  5. When I came to this fandom, I realized that there were so many guys like me who also like the show. That makes me happy. My self esteem hasn't really changed, and I never really had a self esteem problem. However MLP has brought more joy and colors to my life. It's like Pinkie at the rock farm, and suddenly a rainbow appears...
  6. I am totally addicted to Lucky Charms. For those who don't know it's a very sweet cereal with marshmellows. Unfortunately they are very expensive where I live so I only got to eat a lot of it last summer when I was away. I also have a addiction to canned food products, stuff like SPAM. I completely believe that during an apocalypse humanity will heavily rely on canned food products to survive. A nonfood addiction I have is whistling. I often whistle jazz tunes and make up improvs at the top of my head. I only whistle when I'm in a good mood, it would just come out naturally. I whistle everyday . Happy guy I guess LOL
  7. For me besides this website there are 5 websites I go to everyday: :All the latest science discoveries and breakthroughs, keeps me ahead of everyone in terms of knowing how science is progressing (even though I have mediocre science grades at school) :A great website on knowing about the latest finds of astronomy and space. :Same as universedaily. :Latest Lego related news. This could be news about the LEGO company, preview of upcoming sets, or occassionaly set reviews. :To check my email and occassionally read the articles. A lot of the times for the articles I would just go straight to the comments section for a more enjoyable read than the article itself. There you go, my fav websites!
  8. Broccoli


    Holy crap I have thought about starting the exact same thread for some time! Glad to see someone else with the same idea in mind. I agree with the comparasons you have made between MLP and Bionicle, and I will add some of my own. First of all, as all of you probably have noticed already, there are 6 ponies and 6 toas, each different colors. Now lets look at how the bionicles are built. This picture doesn't show enough, so I'll explain since I have all 6 of the original toas in my bedroom. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 arms: This applies to Gali (blue) and Onua (black). When you turn the axle/stick thing on their backs, both their arms swing around. With the others only one of their arms (or leg for Pohatu (brown) ) when you turn the axle. This can relate to like how there are 2 of each kind of pony: 2 pegasi, 2 earth pony and 2 unicorns. Like in MLP these 2 are the only ones with both arms that swing and are geared with the turning mechanism. I suppose the names of the ponies can relate to something as well. Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack have only 1 part for their names, while Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash have 2 parts in their names. This splits the ponies into 2 groups of 3. If we take a look at the build structures of the toas, 3 of them have the black ball nipple things on their chest while the others don't. There's also the idea that each character has different abilities, and usually the masks that they're wearing gives them their power (I think). I agree that the masks can be related to the Elements of Harmony as each mask is reserved for that toa only. Celestia is a hard one, since Mata Nui is already compared to Equestria. Maybe Celestia is the Mask of Life. Its the mask worn by Mata Nui when he was in person form. The mask isn't as significant as Mata Nui but is also a very powerful element in the Bionicle Universe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thinking about this makes me miss Bionicle, which ended in 2010. It was my childhood and was what got me into Legos, which was my main hobby before discovering MLP. It's ok I have PONIES now! (my first time using the derpy face!)
  9. I think this is a good opportunity, regardless whether your friend actually wants to learn about the show or not. Once at BronyCon, he may either have nothing to do but still respectfully hang out with you there, feels overwhelmed and decides to leave early, or like some have said become a brony himself. Since your friend already said he was absolutely sure about tagging along, then why not? We can never know what will happen unless you take him to BronyCon. Best of luck!
  10. Sour cream and onion all the way, especially the ones Lays makes. Pringles ones are alright too, and the Sunchips version is pretty good as well.
  11. My OC is Cloud Mushroom. The idea for my OC has been in my head for some time. I came up with the name, and designed the cutie mark. Hopefully I'll soon be able to design the actual pony itself.
  12. I was once part of a Brony Skype chat, and there was like 180 members in it. There was so many discussions, and there were also people from many different timezones. As a result some of the conversation made long ago would take a long time to show up. It ended up as too much spam, so I left the chat. Seeing that this is just a skype exchange chat, having a few new contacts is totally fine. Here's my skype: jimmychen1996 Add me! /) JK its up to you.
  13. 1. What does it mean to you to be 'a man?' What do you believe it means to society to be 'a man? To me, being a man means to be physically done growing (adult), thoughtful, and take responsibilities. Society often tend to view men based on their interests, and judge them accordingly. 4. Have you learned anything from MLP? If so, what? One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to like whatever you like and stick to your interests. I have never been made fun of for liking MLP before, but I have seen people who have. Often people are teased for liking MLP due to stereotypes and the fact that the show looks like it's only for very young girls. This brings me to my second point: don't always judge things based on its exterior appearance. Sure, MLP can look like a show for little girls at first glance, but it takes an open mind to discover that it is not just kids show but is enjoyable to all ages of any gender. 6. Who is your favorite pony and why? Pinkie Pie. I didn't need to watch even half of Season 1 to know that. Pinkie is flippin hilarious, and in my opinion the best Pinkie jokes were from Season 1. My personality is hardly relatable to Pinkie Pie's, but nontheless she's a fun character and makes me laugh out loud more than any other instances in the show.
  14. This is the second in-between Season wait I've had (the first one being from Season 2 to Season 3) so I know how you feel. Usually what I do is go on Equestriadaily for pony news, or come here once in a while to chat and make posts. You could also read fanfics too. I'm currently reading Fallout: Equestria, and I'm a little over halfway. It's damn good, I tell you. Read it if you haven't already. And to answer your question: no, you can't really get bored of ponies. It's not quite possible.
  15. He already has, and apparently doesn't like the season finale: Anyways, I totally agree about ponies being a source of stress relief. Every time I watch a new episode, or rewatch some of my favorite episodes, I would catch myself having a huge grin/smile thing on my face. Every single time. It's 20+ minutes of pure happiness, nothing else in the world matters then. Ponies ponies ponies. BTW Thunderchild you only mentioned the pink one. Is that your favorite one? Because she's best pone