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S02:E14 - The Last Roundup

Vinyl Scratch


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I always looked at this as a sequel to Applebuck Season. :p

I really liked Applejack's portrayal here. Her struggle was very in character and I thought it was a pretty interesting angle overall. Even though AJ was the main focus, I did like how the rest of the Mane 6 each had a fair amount of time in the sun.

The episode itself was very enjoyable. I found Dodge Junction an interesting change in scene and I thought Cherry Jubilee was a pretty interesting character.

The chase scene at the end was my favourite part, but of course, I'm not gonna ignore the amazing/dreaded scene of breaking a Pinkie promise. To be honest, the entire episode was very entertaining. I can't think of a dull moment.

I love this one. Has to be my favourite Applejack episode of all time. :)

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Always loved this episode. Cherry Jubilee was always a favorite background character of mine. Was a real good moral lesson and the change in scenery was quite welcome. The ending scene was also hilarious. 


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The episode where AJ learns it's ok to not live up to your own hype. But of course, since she's so stubborn and proud, she prefers to ditch everyone without notice and work for another farm instead of coming home and talking with everyone. JUST TALK PEOPLE, SAY WHAT YOU FEEL AND THINK, IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

Cherry Jubilee was a nice little one off character, putting AJ to work immediately and helping her getting some coins. The factory scene gave me ptsd of when I used to work in a cheese factory, it's honestly mindnumbingly dull.

The chase scene is the best part of this episode, Pinkie Pie just letting AJ off the hook on a technicality and then jumping off was hilarious.

7.5/10, better than mid. RARITY, CATCH ME !

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