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S02:E14 - The Last Roundup

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Wow! It's about time! I am glad we now know that The Last Roundup is actually an Applejack episode. However it's a bit ironic and slightly frustrating that after all this time when we finally get an Aj episode, it's one where she's disappeared, thus making us all assume her screen time will be limited. Still, it could be her time to shine, we'll just have to see. I'm not complaining. This show hasn't let me down yet. :)


Five down and one to go. All's left is Fluttershy and everypony will have had her episode!

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I hope Applejack will be somehow present in the episode even though she disappears there, I can't wait for her episode!


I'm hoping we'll spend much of the episode seeing her wherever she's run off to, and the "looking for her" thing would be more of a b-plot. Even if that isn't the case, I'll trust them to make it work.

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