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S02:E14 - The Last Roundup

Vinyl Scratch


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My guess is that it would be something like this:

First Applejack needs to do something that's not in Ponyville but for some reason she have not the possibility to tell her friends about it.Then they discover that Applejack is gone and they belive something terrible has happend to her. But actully Applejack is fine and a little bit later we get to see what she's doing. Then it goes back to the 5 Ponies looking for her. And then back to Applejack and then back to the 5.. etc. And then at the end Applejack is back where the 5 are and everyone is like "Where have you been?!"


My guess.

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I hope it shows Applejack and that Applejack will get founded...


Don't worry I'm 99% sure she'll not be gone by the end of the episode

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The real question I'm pondering is, why does she disappear? Where did she go? Is she searching for something, such as a sign of her parents?


Could this episode actually be related to the next one, where it seems like there's a possibility of her losing the farm, something that happens as a consequence of the events of this episode?


The mystery intrigues me.

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I like how they've given us just enough information, makes time for some good speculation on what’s going to happen and builds suspense. Definitely looking forward to it and can't wait to see what happens :P!

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What will this episode feature more?


Applejack being lost and finding a way out?


Or the other 5 searching for her?


I hope its Applejack. Hasn't been an episode about her since season 1.

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I always assumed this was going to be a mane 6 episode. They'll probably show applejack just enough, the same amount as the other 5.


I wonder wether they will let us now where she's gone before they find her or not.

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