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  1. Happy birthday bro!!! Wish you were still here :/

  2. Been so long since you've been around. ;( Happy birthday!

  3. haven't see you in a while! how've you been?

  4. Wish I could find more time for the forums. Really miss all you guys that I used to chat with :(

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    2. FLARE


      Yeah, I'm still here!

    3. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      Dude where you have been?! (This is RD92 by the way)

    4. 83awsm


      Got swamped again, sorry about the late reply D: Hey RD! How’ve ya been dude? I’ve been realll busy with work in general. Not to mention becoming an organizer for the Brony group down here and working as part of the founding team behind EQLA.

  5. One of my favorites from MCR... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q0VcgOfIQA&hd=1
  6. Awesome work! Balancing pies on a tight rope= epic
  7. Sea ponies in G4...
  8. Wasn't a big fan of shed or dress, but this one I do have to say was wayyy legit XD! Haha the everypony bit is SO TRUE! Oh and didn’t get me a birthday present last year… B***tch... lul'd
  9. Made this yesterday... Oh, and found this Hilarious gif XD
  10. Epic Another chatroom was ours for the taking!
  11. I do have to admit, I have learned few things myself from the show in addition to improving my overall outlook on things. Yeah, friends can be assholes and such, but if they're there for you in the end, they're still friends aren't they? And if all they do is single you out for their personal enjoyment, I don't quite understand how that even makes them friends. I went through the whole "fandom is way better than IRL friends" phase myself, but now I'm balancing both my other and brony friends quite nicely. Once you figure out who your true friends are, you won't need to worry about be treated like crap, because the ones who don't respect the fact that you don't like it aren't true friends.
  12. Seems Legit... No seriously. Coming up with that kind of backstory based upon part of a screencap!? Genius.
  13. Ah yes the great Colbert! While he does produce comedy gold and give us shoutouts, I don't think he's truly part of the herd.
  14. This pretty much sums it up, presentation is everything in captivating an audience. Great example is FiM (the show) itself. Previous gen's lacked in story development and came off as just plain despised due to the lack of quality in presentation, while FiM took the cartoon concept into overdrive by relating characters and scenarios to real world content. I think we all know what kind of fanbase reaction that generated...
  15. Little late to this thread, but... wat? I mean of all people to worship satin she chose fans of MLP!? Well, It's her loss for lookin like an idiot I guess. some people these days...