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  1. I was glad seeing Celestia use it. It was a prove of her god state, being an Inmortal alicorn, ruler of Equestria for over a thousands years must mean she knows a lot of stuff, so she being able to use dark magic was a way to make her seem, if not more powerful, more wise, as she knows anything. But Twilight did surprise me. Why would she be able to use dark magic? What is dark in her? I wish we'd see more about this later. I also must point out how more powerful seems Twilight to be becoming all time passes. Now not only she made her house fly sever meters into the air, she also learned flying and reverse gravity spells, and of course, the dark magic was awesome.
  2. Humm, is this thing really plausible? I have heard people speaking about a space elevator for a long time, and I always thought it was a ridiculous idea
  3. I dont get it. What are you complaining about? Btw, the season finale is great. I has it's plotholes and weak points, but it is great.
  4. But there's nothing very weird on a girl liking the show. Anyways, my mother found out cause she saw me watching it, however, I just happened to be watching the first or second episode, meaning I was starting to look into the series and wasn't a brony yet, so i simply told her what was going on. She thought the ponies were cute. And my dad is usually completely oblivious to what he sees in my screen (Not that he doesn't care about me, but lots of times he doesn't even notice what I do)
  5. I try not getting spoiled, but when it comes directly from the staff, in a teaser way more than spoiler, then I do watch it. I watched the entire Naruto knowing what would happen next. I wish I haven't.
  6. Not an easter egg sadly, just a simple mistake, and it is not the only one. Not much attention is given to background ponies by the makers of the show.
  7. So, is there any sort of team forming up in this forum? Just for fun you know? I used to play with my Real Life friends but most of them have since stopped playing lol, so I thought that maybe I could play with you people
  8. The girl is pretty cute. U MAD BRO? Question is? Why you people like to hate on people with different styles and interests? And I can awnser that. Because you are teens, or teens from the USA, because it appears to me (Since I'm Chilean), that you bully and discriminate alot more than us. Anyways, it seems that it's a teen characteristic to hate on anyone who's different. If you are alone, you might act like something you aren't to get acceptation, but as long as you have a group then you immediatly start attacking the other groups. I used to be like that but the truth is you gotta be open minded and don't hate other people without ever getting to know them!
  9. Oh here it goes again, a bunch of teens complaining about teens with different styles than theirs. I am teen, and given that I live in the present time I suppose that makes me a modern teen. As a teen I know many other teens, because I go to school, and so I get to know different styles. And what have I learned? Everybody is different, some people are stupid, and there are some people I can't stand, but everybody has their own style and it is worth a shot on getting to know them, as you can find friendship in the weirdest places. Two or three years ago I was very very shy. I had a small and close group of friends, and I was happy with them. We used to look at everybody else like you do now, like stupid teens who only care about looks and alcohol and sex. When I left that school, I was lonely for quite a while. There were a few people like me, and I did become their friends, but they weren't just like me. And there was this particular guy who was the exact opposite of me, he liked doing sports and drinking and had a lot of girlfriends, didn't use the computer, was christian, wasn't particulary smart, and was exactly the kind of people we used to hate (we had that group of people tagged and named), but he was really really nice to me, and thanks to him, I came out of my shell in some way and I became more social and gained more friends. Now I have friends who like wearing vans and shorts and whatever else you consider bad, and they are nice people. There are also stupid people, but now I know better than to judge people by their looks or way of dressing, and everybody should.
  10. If your original question still stands, then the reason is objetive and it has a name. It is called "lack of ponies". I dunno if anyone else has realized, but we are in season break and there hasnt been any new episode since march. This forum was made for the show, and when there's no show it just strays without a cause. I personally used to be very active and now i barely use this forum, but i'll be back as soon as the third season starts. And what i really dunno, is why people like making such a fuzz when they leave? Why dont they just go and leave?
  11. Sorry, but funeral in Hearts and Hooves day, during Sweetie Belle's song AHIUHASIUHDUFHAUHSUHF CHARACTER MINIMUN!
  12. I dunno, Celestia is pretty old, she must have learned how to cope a long time ago. There is meaning in life if you not only live forever, but also rule a country and have super powers. You better be wondering how the hell did Luna cope being in the moon for a thousand years
  13. I've never played slender but from what I have heard it is some sort of screamer. Even though I usually do get startled by these when they are on videos and are well planned and sudden, I never get scared when watching them on a movie or something, so I suppose it'll be similar on a game. Amnesia on the other hand, is a carefully planned game to make you feel like you are a helpess man in such situation, and it doesn't use screamers, which are a cheap way of scarying you
  14. This is actually a very good idea. The forum will be exactly the same as it was before, but now parents wont be able to do anything against anybody here, as it would be their fault that they let their kid on this site.
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