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This is a fan-made project, that is not associated with Hasbro, Inc. in any way.
This is a non-profit project and the developer will never make any money in any way from it.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the property of Hasbro, Inc..



This is a fanmade Local Multiplayer Ponified Kid-Friendly Turn Based RPG based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series.


A unicorn pony, Twilight Sparkle receives a very important mission from Princess Celestia, the ruler of the magical land of Equestria.
She and her assistant, a baby dragon named Spike are sent to Ponyville, where her task will be to meet other ponies and study about the Magic of Friendship.
With their new friends, they'll go on adventures and solve various problems.


1KHxxtz.pngNote: Everything may change along with development progress.
Discover the Magic of Friendship!

♥ Story and events heavily based on the TV series
What happened in the show, will happen in the game along with RPG elements and additional plot.
Didn't watch the show? Don't worry, you'll absolutely not get lost because of that!
However, as the show can spoil the game, the game can spoil the show.

♥ Local Multiplayer (up to 2 players)
Discovering the Magic of Friendship with a real friend or siblings will be better, than doing that alone!
Explore Equestria, solve puzzles and fight together!

♥ Energetic Battle System
As everything will be based on hit-boxes, each skill will have different usage.
Every single projectile appearing on the screen will be a physical object,
rather than just a part of animation.

Some skills may also have interaction involved, like timed action,
chain of buttons or simple button mashing when casting powerful abilities such as Twilight's Magic Nova.

♥ Each pony has a set of unique skills
As each pony is different as the night is from the day, their abilities and specialties are different as well!

♥ Skill Tree
Each pony will have a different path.

Gain experience to improve or learn new abilities.

♥ Skill Assign System
Each pony can assign 8 abilities, either active or passive.
A good combination of active and passive skills may give decent (even unexpected) results.

♥ Resource gathering and crafting
Collect materials to craft equipment;
Combine equip-able gems to get better-quality ones;
Collect herbs and plants to allow Zecora brew potions.

♥ Minigames and Puzzles
Various minigames and solving puzzles to keep the boredom away!

♥ More PONIES!
... When you'll think, that you saw everypony already.


1KHxxtz.pngNote: Everything may change along with development progress.
6xNmzqs.pngTwilight Sparkle
A book-loving unicorn pony with extraordinary magical abilities. Represents the element of Magic.
> high magical power and resistance
> high MP

kWfAXTx.pngRainbow Dash
An action-loving colorful pegasus pony. Represents the element of Loyalty.
> high speed
> weather control (elemental abilities)

yMJe02r.pngPinkie Pie
An extremely energetic and sociable earth pony. Represents the element of Laughter.
> high speed
> explosive abilities!
> party-buffing singing abilities

A brave, reliable, strong and mature earth pony. Represents the element of Honesty.
> high physical power and defense
> high HP
> party-buffing abilities
> lack of magical abilities
> low magic resistance

A unicorn pony with good manners and love for beauty. Represents the element of Generosity.
> magical abilities dealing physical or magical damage
> party-protecting abilities

A kind and shy, with love for animals pegasus pony. Represents the element of Kindness.
> low HP
> doesn't attack on her own - animal-calling abilities
> healing abilities
> party-buffing abilities


1KHxxtz.pngNote: Everything may change along with development progress.



Overworld Screen (beEWGks.pngin development)
Explore Equestria!



Status Screen
Where everything is shown and colorful.



Status Screen
Literally as colorful, as ponies are.



Other, outdated screenshots:

( i ) Note: ALL the screenshots below are outdated. The project has been moved to another engine (Game Maker Studio) and will be re-done, so everything may be changed in future. I'll keep these screenshots for a tiny reference on what more or less is going on here. Keep in mind, that they don't show the final stage of any of shown features. Their current purpose is nothing else than being placeholders.


Overworld Screen - Twilight's Library
Or that's at least how it looked like, as it will be completely redone.


Main Menu
Where you'll find everything you need.
The design will be completely redone.

Inventory Screen
That's good Derpy is not in party, otherwise all the muffins would be gone.
The design will be completely redone.

I've heard Rarity likes these.

I wonder if other ponies besides Twilight know what these potions do...

What to do with herbs though, nopony knows. Zebras are another story.

Skills Screen
There's where you choose how smart you want to be... :icwudt:

Oooor how mean you want to be. :love:

Don't question Fluttershy's skills or she'll send a bear to hug you. ;) 

Equipment Screen
Everything empty, huh? Well, they don't tend to wear clothes all the time... :icwudt: 

Hoof or mouth? That is the question.

And these go... somewhere...

...but always better to have these, than not, right?

Status Screen
Where everything is explained.
This one is outdated and now unused; the new design is visible at the top.

Surely the new one looks better.
I hope the rest of remakes will turn out as good as this one-- or better. :P 

Battle System
Now that one is completely irrelevant, trust me.
It even looks pretty bad, but no need to worry, I'll completely redo it.

Good times though....




1KHxxtz.pngNote: Everything may change along with development progress.

Each pony will have a Primary Set of Skills and Passives, some of them will also have a Secondary Set.

List of Skill Categories: 


[ICON] Name of Category | Set | What resources the category focuses on



xB5NqKr.pngPassives | Special | ---

Each pony will be able to bring 8 skills in total to battle, so either an active or a passive skill can be equipped in these slots. Equipping Passives will simply raise pony's parameters or add special features like additional projectiles when attacking etc. at cost of a skill slot. A well thought combination of these skills can give decent results. Everypony will have Passives.


Now let's talk about unique skill sets for each pony. 


garEslj.pngMagic | Primary | MP/EP

Twilight will have various spells, starting from simple telekinesis that will deal light damage by throwing various objects -> through magic projectiles that will deal magical damage ->  to powerful Area of Effect Spells, that at high MP and EP cost, will bring some destruction to the battle field.



4hSWQwB.png Skills | Primary | EP

Rainbow Dash will be able to use her wings to perform various tricks to deal more physical damage.


iTSDNVN.png Weather | Secondary | MP/EP

Rainbow Dash will also be able to control weather to deal elemental damage as well as Area of Effect.



8RDIZv9.png Partying | Primary | MP/EP

Pinkie Pie will always find an occasion to throw a party and battling with enemies is not an exception for her!

She and her Party Cannon will show enemies how to party by dealing physical or magical damage. Blow up everything and party on!


xEWogfk.png Songs | Secondary | MP/EP

Besides partying, Pinkie Pie also loves to sing! As she sings songs during their adventure, she will learn to sing them in battle as well to raise parameters of ponies and more!



bXxnwqj.pngSkills | Primary | EP

Applejack is a strong farmer and she will show who has the power by dealing high physical damage or using her lasso to stun enemies.

jhfgohY.pngYEEHAWs | Secondary | MP/EP

Applejack is an active pony and she will be showing her energy by motivating her friends and raising their strengths.



DcqjGPO.pngMagic | Primary | MP/EP

Rarity loves shiny gems. Besides using them for her creations, she also uses them as a weapon by dealing physical or elemental damage. Get ready for rains of shiny projectiles. FABULOUS!
She can also use bigger gems to defend her friends.



XdVSL7R.pngAnimals | Primary | MP/EP

Let's be honest, Fluttershy wouldn't even harm a fly and even if a situation requires that, she will have troubles with defending herself. However, her beloved animals will cover her! She will be able to call various animals to deal physical or magical damage. Calling a bear will cause some troubles to enemies!


HiicWaH.pngSupport | Secondary | MP

Nopony is as kind and caring as Fluttershy. She will do her best to help her friends in need by recovering their strength and protecting them.






► LAST UPDATED: 20.08.2017

U6xT9bz.png @Rikifive [ Main Developer ]
LPIBlQO.png @InklingBear Voluntary Music Composer ]
LPIBlQO.png @C. Thunder Dash Voluntary Music Composer ]
p12oW6H.png BlissAuthority [proofreading - English]
p12oW6H.png @Overlord0909 [bughunting]
p12oW6H.png @Totally Lyra [bughunting]
p12oW6H.png @OmegaBeamOfficial [bughunting]
p12oW6H.png @Altmile [bughunting]
p12oW6H.png @Compeador [bughunting]

-sign-ups currently closed-

Opening recruitment for new volunteers will be announced


XMFwCux.png My Little Pony - The Game (v. -----)

uk.png Not available. Estimated Release Date unknown.
pl.png Niedostępne. Przewidziana data wydania jest nieznana.

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looks cool, I don't get excited about pony games after fighting is magic got stomped out by hasbro though, just when i get excited about something it gets a cease and desist from hasbro's lawers

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Mhm, I get what you mean ~ that's more or less like me ~ I'm not getting hyped that easily to avoid disappointment.  >_>

I'm pretty sure I'll receive C&D as well someday and that's pretty sad to think about it... Especially when I think about what happened with fan works of Nintendo's games recently...  :awuh:

Perhaps this game will be that silly, that they will not bother shutting that down?  :adorkable:



Anyway, thank you for visiting!  :)

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This looks quite amazing, I look forward to possibly giving it a try when it gets to that stage. By the way, I notice all the ponies have HP, MP, and EP meters. Correct me if I'm wrong but is the EP Experience Points, and if so it might be a bit more intuitive to have it labeled XP or EXP. But that's just me and this is your game of course, just a suggestion.

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@ YAY Thank you!  :yay:

EP is actually Energy Points.  :P

EP is used for more energetic skills, such as physical abilities. It is also used to perform exhausting destructive skills such as Twilight's Magic Nova, where she needs both, magic and energy at high values, due to obvious reasons.  ^_^

But yup, if that would be showing exp, then I'd totally label it xp or exp.  :catface:

And no worries, suggestions are more than welcomed! x3


Thank you for visiting!! <3


@@Steve Piranha, I'm afraid it will not happen anytime soon as there's still so much work to do (making the map of Ponyville, to not search far), but I'm glad you're interested!  :catface:


Thank you for coming! x3

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Yes! This is awesome! This looks really professional, I swear if I wasn't told I wouldn't even guess it was a fan game. It looks like it really represents the MLP universe and style, and all around it looks like a really fun RPG. So, when this game is released where are you going to release it?

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YAAY Thank you!  :wub:  I'm extremely happy to hear that!  :pinkie: So much of kindness.  :kindness:


I'll most likely release the game here on this thread. Once the game (most likely a beta/demo version first) will be ready, the download link will be posted under 'Download' section.  :)


Thank you for visiting and your support!  :catface:

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It actually does look like a lot of work went into this... I wish I knew anything about table top RPGs.

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@@Rapid Wind, Thank you!  :) I've been playing that game as well, but the amount of bugs was unbearable considering, that instead of fixing them, they were adding new stuff to ask for money. Paying in a heavily bugged game is what is not fair. I've reported over 20 bugs and they did nothing with that for few months, yet they had time to add vip systems and such. Gameloft is a pretty greedy company ~ their games always were like this, so I'm not surprised at all. That's kinda sad, because the game itself was actually pretty nice, it just needed some polishing. ...But I stopped believing in them.  :(


@@Key Sharkz, ...And there still is so much work to do.  :P I'm trying my best, though it's difficult to handle stuff alone.  :rarity:

What do you mean? :P  You don't have to know anything about table top RPG's ~ everything in game will be fairly easy to understand. I'll try my best to make things as clean as possible. If you have any suggestions/worries, then feel free to share them with me. x3



Thank you both for visiting!  :fluttershy:

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Totally agree. B) 


I was initially hooked and spent time and effort earning the stars to upgrade ponies and play mini-games to earn bits and gems. I've never once went through their system to pay for extra gems or coins, I tried to earn my way to each gem and earn my bits by playing the game. I had to admit, I wanted to earn my way to RD, then I got her and there were still problems like bugs.


Figures. :okiedokieloki:


Anyways, I've totally gave up the game now.

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@@Steve Piranha, I'm afraid it will not happen anytime soon as there's still so much work to do (making the map of Ponyville, to not search far), but I'm glad you're interested!  :catface:


Thank you for coming! x3

I can wait, I know games aren't done from a day to another 

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@ YAY Thank you!  :yay:

EP is actually Energy Points.  :P

EP is used for more energetic skills, such as physical abilities. It is also used to perform exhausting destructive skills such as Twilight's Magic Nova, where she needs both, magic and energy at high values, due to obvious reasons.  ^_^

But yup, if that would be showing exp, then I'd totally label it xp or exp.  :catface:

And no worries, suggestions are more than welcomed! x3


Thank you for visiting!! <3

Well that's what I get for making assumptions. xD


Having both magic and energy points on every character could make for quite a unique battle system. I know some games might have one character using MP and another using energy, but having every character have both could be interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


Keep up the good work! :) 

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I tried to change my signature from its original picture to that, but I messed up the entire signature instead, somehow. This looks like it will be very exciting! I can't wait to see how it ends up! Best of luck to you!

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@@Rapid Wind


Not only the gems were hard to get, the bugs could result in losing them sometimes.  :wat:

Also, the game was so poorly balanced, that I couldn't help but think, that the developers couldn't do simple maths. The minigames' rewards were just hilarious.  :lol: Like, playing for an hour to get for example 3 elements of laughter as a special reward... you could get even more of these in less than a minute by doing almost nothing. - so basically the special reward was 'nothing'. I have no idea what kind of magic was that supposed to be.  :lol:


And yep, After playing it for ~2 months I gave up when they've added the vip system. I could handle the slow progress for not buying stuff, but I couldn't handle the fact, that instead of fixing bugs, they're adding useless stuff that doesn't help anypony. =/

I really felt like they absolutely didn't care about the players. That being said, I was active on their forums and I saw how players are ignored. Endless asking for help... and what they got? An useless update after a month that did nothing besides adding new microtransations. I was like:









YAY! like many of us!  :catface:



@@Steve Piranha

Yeah, I hope it will not take ages though.  :D




No worries, it's fine! x3


Yep ~ it will prevent from using powerful skills over and over again as you'll have to wait for energy to recover. :3


Thank you! I'll do my best!  :fluttershy:








Aw sorry to hear your signature broke.  :sunny:

YAY! I'm really happy, that you found that interesting! I'll do my best, thank you!  :wub:




Thank you all for visiting! Likes for everypony!  :love:

Edited by Rikifive
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Wow, this looks really well thought out. I wish I could be of assistance in the making, but I already am responsible of an abridged series; so I don't know how much help I'd be.

I'd be honoured though if I could test it when it came out! Beta testing isn't something I've ever gotten to do, but this game would be best for me to start with... since I've watched all the episodes a couple if times and read stuff in the background, watched the Brony Notion and such.


I understand if you say no to my request, because all I can say is that I'm a fan of the show with some knowledge.

Anyway, I wish you luck with the project! I remember when I programmed in Visual Basic (the agony...). Lol.

You're awesome!

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Most likely stuff will be changed over and over again along with development to make it as much balanced as possible.  :-P

To be honest I don't mind more beta testers as it's better to catch all typos, bugs and possibly improve the game before releasing it into the public.

Any help will be more than appreciated.  :rarity:


So if you're interested, I can sign you up ~  ^_^


Why, thank you!  :catface:

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