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  1. Ok. It's a fun song. However, some of the instruments are too soft, especially the sleigh bells. Bring those up in the mix. Also, there is something missing, perhaps some pitched percussion such as timpani, xylophone (wood) and maybe a glockenspiel. Remove the snare since it's too soft and it sort of adds an unnecessary percussive hit. The backup vocals could also use a tad bit of volume. All in all, it's a nice and cheerful piece but watch your mixing and instrument choices.
  2. music

    Some examples of rock and orchestral themes: Orchestral + Pipe Organ Pure Rock:
  3. No prob, when creating an idea for a composition, create an "energy map". This way, you can keep notes of high, mid, and low energy points.
  4. Ok. FIrst off, epic atmosphere in this piece. I love that setup you had starting with the horns, leading to the solo flute into the passage where you play around the Phygian Harmonic Dominant (AKA the 5th mode of the harmonic minor scale). Tiny little nitpick, you may wanna up the volume around the 2:50 mark, those pizzicato strings were pretty soft. Also, was hoping for a little more on the conclusion of the piece. Personally, a fast escape section would pretty much suit this piece for a nice ending. All in all, it's a great piece, but watch your energy at certain points of the piece.
  5. Dentist
  6. Well here it is ladies and gentlmen. After posting a WIP for feedback, here's the final version of my Rainbow Dash theme: Ready for Anything. What do you guys think? Would love to hear critiques and stuff. Note this is a completed track
  7. I favor composition and arrangement, but jobs are severely limited in those areas...
  8. @Lunarpalette "Yea...but now let's head back to the hive before our little guy wanders off again..." The male changeling said as he started walking off. "See ya later you two." The female changeling said as the three headed back deeper into the hive.
  9. @Lunarpalette (OOC: Make sure not to godmod Thunder to advance things. I was trying to extend the scene out by one more post.) The two changelings turned around and saw Thunder and Lunar. The little changeling reached out it's little hooves mewing continuously. " certainly is! Our little buggy bug is always wandering. So hard to keep up with him. He's probably gonna grow up to be a scout in the hive. Usually little changelings that tend to wander a lot become scouts." The father explained.
  10. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner, phone was messing up. Anyways, thanks for the critique. I do have to explain something though. This was all recorded using my Korg Kronos workstation into Studio One Artist, which is why some places tempos are off. It is a nightmare trying to make things right, especially the drums and other similar instruments. I basically played every single part of this piece on my Kronos using sounds directly from the keyboard. No MIDI was used at all. Another thing that's going on is that I recorded this piece in sections. I recorded the intro one day with all of it's parts and so forth. Baiscally the theme of this piece is that no matter what's going on, Rainbow Dash is ready for anything, which is why there are quite a few characterizations going on, especially in the last synth part, which I need to add an upper arpeggiated lead synth. Today, I plan to record the conclusion and summary, which involves a key shift. I know things may seem really crowded, but it's due to me having to adjust volumes of everything every time I add or edit a part, which can bring out or drown out certain instruments. Again, thanks for the critique.
  11. So, currently composing a theme for Rainbow Dash for a contest in which the first round is finished monday. I'm on my third and final WIP for this Rainbow Dash theme. As of now, all that's left to do is add the 4th and final section of the song and then it'll be finished. I'd like some critique on what I've got so far to make sure I won't have to make too many changes. 3.wav?dl=0
  12. @Lunarpalette "Come on! I think the little changeling knows the voices!" Thundy said starting to trot making sure the little changeling wouldn't fall off his back. He could see two wandering figures up ahead. "I think that's them." He said.
  13. Ok. It's an ok listen. I see you have the idea, but you need to work on your execution. You had too many instruments playing the melody line and your instrument samples had a cut, which was quite a distraction, especially on your strings. Your strings need varying harmonies on each line. In the first part where the pizzacato strings enter, low arco strings running on syncopated accents would work perfectly there. This will give your piece the epic chugging low strings. You need more brass running on harmonies. I see you had trumpets and trombones. Add some french horns performing small licks every here and then. Next, add a backup brass line running a horn ensemble to give your piece some strong lower harmonies. You ran too much of your brass on the melody line, plus the samples you were using were quite thin and weak. It would be best to invest in some stronger brass samples. Your percussion needs the most work. You used the tambourine too much and needed support from some chimes, timpani and perhaps a gong strike at the top of certain phrases. Remember, a phrase is either 4 or 8 bars. Sometimes, they can be a whole 16 bars for orchestral music. A gong strike is a highlight, so this piece could definately use some here and there. All in all, this piece needs a lot of work in terms of execution, melodic assignment, harmony and percussion work. I'm always here if you need me. Shoot me a PM at any time.
  14. I run my Korg Kronos into Studio One 3 Artist. I also use Finale 2014.5 to write digital scores with Garritan as a plugin and other effects.
  15. join

    I can provide lyrics and instrumentals...