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  1. Is Garble playing with fire by bullying Spike?

    I think that Garble will get his dues sooner or later. Many of the other dragons will be reformed in due time because of Spike and Ember.
  2. Thunder Dash - Celestia’s Ballad for Piano and Voice

    Thanks, Yea, now that I think of it, I should’ve sang a little softer on the lower end of my voice. I am a bass naturally however.
  3. Thunder Dash - Celestia’s Ballad for Piano and Voice

    Thanks, my voice is naturally deep. If I back off, my voice gets airy and some notes in my comfort zone (mainly the higher ones) become a little hard to hit.
  4. So, I’ve been on this forum since 2012 and I have not shared something like this before. Here is a special cover of Celestia’s Ballad for piano...and voice. Yes, this is me singing. Hope you all enjoy.
  5. episode discussion S08:E10 - The Break Up Break Down

    Not as bad as I thought it would be. Feels like some people in society today, overhearing something and then making assumptions after...but yet another character with super adorable laughter: Sugar Belle!
  6. The Great Pun War

    Heh, the only way to wake up Lady Gaga is to Poker Face (poke her face)
  7. The Great Pun War

    I was gonna a question but then I got and forgot it.
  8. The Banishment of Luna [Orchestral]

    It's a beautiful track. That cello though...it just seems like it was EQed very weird. It's like it's run through a sort of vowel sound filter or something. Nice rises and falls, really gives the piece emotion. D# minor was a great key choice by the way. Also, stunning visuals. That was the one thing that really brought everything together perfectly. All in all great piece, but watch your EQing on certain solo instruments.
  9. episode discussion S08:E09 - Non-Compete Clause

    I liked this one but...it got pretty predictable...I ended up skipping and coming back and knew that Applejack and Rainbow Dash were gonna cause chaos. Still a good episode and after 8 seasons, Applejack and Rainbow Dash still cannot let their rivalry chill for once.
  10. Quote a movie line and the user below you has to guess what movie

    "So this is how it feels"
  11. The Bond We Share (Electronic)

    Ok Your main melody staled out early, which isn't a good thing. You gotta create variations to your melody in order to keep your listeners hooked to your music. This means you need to re-order your chords and travel outside of the progression. Maybe even modulate if possible. Your main sawtooth could certainly benefit from some chorus, mainly a warm chorus that doesn't affect the sawtooth too much. A plucked lead running on BPM delay would work with this piece. All in all, it's a good idea but it could use quite a bit of development.
  12. episode discussion S08:E08 - The Parent Map

    This was a pretty good episode, but of course with parents involved...comes the cringe...communication is key to everything and there is no need to hold feelings against one another due to past events. The past is the past and nothing can change about it, you simply have to look ahead towards a brighter and better future, and keep on moving forward. Both of the parents were way too overprotective...to the point that it was extremely annoying, but...with proper communication, things resolve.
  13. Getting Started on the Brony/MLP Music Scene?

    Aright then, I'll be waiting.
  14. Getting Started on the Brony/MLP Music Scene?

    No not at all. It's an ok listen. However, you repeated yourself a lot. You limited yourself to the I and the vi, knowing that this song is in the key of E Major. What you need is a solid four-chord progression that can help you develop your piece more than it is now. I would also not keep that arpeggiated plucked lead moving all the time. It stales out early and becomes more of an annoyance than something that is pleasant to listen to. I see you put in some soft synth chimes, but they could be brought out more. Knowing you're pretty new at this, I'm trying to simplify things the best I can. If you want me to, I can coach/mentor you in music production and music theory.
  15. Getting Started on the Brony/MLP Music Scene?

    Would you like me to give you detailed feedback on this?