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  1. This grumpy old racecar once told me something...it's just an empty cup.
  2. I could find instrumentals and then put the vocals on using a software program I have. I could then mix and master the audio.
  3. Awesome! Happy Hearts and Hooves Day to all!
  4. I've done swanton bombs into the pool myself. Frog splashes are almost like a belly flop. As far as kicking moves, I was doing Rogue Kicks and Sweet Chin Music all the time in Tae Kwon Do.
  5. Thanks, sadly, I still think there are quite a few uncool wrestlers that need to leave WWE. I forgot to mention that Randy Orton ticked me off when he ended up betraying just about everyone and RKOed some high official...can't remember who it was.
  6. Ok, I've looked through this topic quite a few times, but you have to realize that Iron Will taught the wrong thing, and because Fluttershy can be shown to be a little naive at times. Now, if we truly examine Iron Will's mottos, we can clearly see the recipe for a bully. For instance, take the phrase "When someone tries to block, show them that you rock". This really states that if someone gets at you, show them you're the boss, or, if someone is a jerk, retaliate and show them you can be a jerk too. Two wrongs don't make a right. Everything that Fluttershy did crossed the line majorly, especially when Fluttershy hurt Rarity and Pinkie Pie, when they were concerned about Fluttershy's behavior. I'm sorry but there is no way to justify Fluttershy's behavior. She became a bully and hurt many ponies in the process.
  7. I was in it during the Attitude Era...but when Vickie Guerrero became GM of RAW, I withdrew, but I was the happiest man on earth when she was fired. One of my favorite sequences was when all the legends returned to face Heath Slater. Gah, Heath Slater is such an annoying wrestler. The one thing I wish was that Doink the Clown should've won...that would've been humiliating. That one wrestler, Carlito...I feel like he wasn't meant to be taken seriously. I mean...his theme alone and the way he treated John Cena...what should've happened was that John Cena should've put him into his place and spit in his place and reply: "I spit in the face of people who don't want to change their bad attitudes."
  8. Well, seen it twice while driving and I ended up laughing my butt off both times. One time I was sitting behind a cop waiting for a light to change. Some car flies past me running a left-turn light. The cop promptly goes after him. Then, as I was driving down the highway, a reckless driver was weaving through traffic erratically. As I was getting off my exit, I saw that same driver pulled over!