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  1. You're welcome. That's level 1 in producing stuff like this. Level 2 would be getting an actual keyboard workstation, and using the sounds from the keyboard to make music. You'd have to get an interface for conversion to USB.
  2. This: This is an example of a MIDI controller keyboard. It can control the built-in instruments in a DAW.
  3. See here's the thing, if you wanna go'll have to get a MIDI controller keyboard, which can up pretty high, but there are some nice used ones. Most DAWs have built-in instruments, so you can go from there.
  4. It is hard to find any open source free software these days. You'd have to look into basic forms of good programs like Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools and Logic...
  5. SPOILERS AHEAD After watching "All Bottled Up" and "A Flurry of Emotions", I have a new theory. Emotions are the center of unicorn magic. Here is my proof: Starlight Glimmer has had a rough past, and is still hurting on the inside. When Trixie started to annoy Starlight, anger started to build up. Starlight unconsciously conjured her thoughts in the form of magic, which caused the red blob of anger, comprising of all her bad and angry thoughts about Trixie. Because so many thoughts were being built up and the fact that it took a lot of energy to conjure these angry blobs, eventually, Starlight tired herself out. Anger, as an emotion uses up a lot of energy, and when an angry person peaks out, the cool down stage begins, which takes quite a while (the case with Starlight). On the other hand, Flurry Heart, when scared binds herself in a magic bubble, away from others. We see this happen when Twilight got mad at her for wandering away in the hospital. Flurry had never seen this side of Twilight. Her fear caused her magic to shift into something that would make her withdraw and/or protect herself from the scary pony. At that moment, she saw Twilight as a scary bear. On a more positive note, Princess Cadence, being the Princess of Love is a great example. Whenever she comes across a situation where ponies are disagreeing and hating on each other, the thoughts of restoration and love come to her mind, which then produces a restoration/love spell. This is clearly seen when she clears Shining Armor of Chrysalis's spell. Thoughts?
  6. Movies/TV

    The last show I watched was "Selling Yachts". I tell ya those yachts are amazing...
  7. Great episode overall! Talk about having too much on your schedule...eesh...
  8. I hate to use puns but...looks like we're faced with a double-whammy...Flurry lost her whammy and to make it a double-whammy, she's gonna go bonkers...
  9. Lol Spearhead's a surfer bro!
  10. Food

    A medium sized bag of popcorn at the movie theater!
  11. Ok. Watch your line-up. Applebloom's vocals are off of the tempo. The greatest tool you can use is breaking up your vocal track into sections wherever there is a break in the lyrics. This way, you can ensure that your vocals and the instrumental track line up perfectly. I'm here if you need me, PM me at any time if you need help or further explaining.
  12. My iPhone 6...
  13. @Lavo The loading stays there for a very long time.
  14. Update: Now I can't search or navigate beyond the first few messages displayed on my laptop. I've tried on all my browsers, which include Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  15. @Raven Rawne Nitro walked outside and went by his Agera R and waited for Natural. He had both doors open. They were straight up vertical. He didn't need his GPS, since he new the scenic route. He had driven it before.