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  1. C. Thunder Dash

    Spoiler S08:E21 - A Rockhoof and a Hard Place

    This was a great episode. Again, so realistic. It’s like a modified version of the story “Who Moved My Cheese” That Scottish accent by Rockhoof is just priceless. Love Gallus’s little turkey gobble when Yona pushes him. Speaking of Yona, she’s the star of this episode.
  2. C. Thunder Dash

    Do you ever call somebody by their Last name?

    My chorale professor from last year called me by my last name. It was hard for him to pronounce my first name.
  3. Well, here we go with another take on Find A Way. This time it’s an extended live piano solo. Hope you guys enjoy.
  4. C. Thunder Dash

    News Hurricane Florence

    It's down to a Category 3. Still that's bad, but we still have time. Hopefully it continues to die down. I'm right in Charlotte...so we've just been stocking up stuff. Duke Energy says over 400k customers will lose power, but I do have faith the power will not be affected.
  5. C. Thunder Dash

    My little tree hugger Reggae is magic

    But yea, hit me up if you want tips, tricks and/or just general coaching anytime.
  6. C. Thunder Dash

    My little tree hugger Reggae is magic

    More like a fusion. Like progressive reggae or something...
  7. C. Thunder Dash

    My little tree hugger Reggae is magic

    Np, do you want me to start coaching you now? Or want to wait?
  8. C. Thunder Dash

    My little tree hugger Reggae is magic

    Ok... Unfortunately, you're off the mark in terms of the Reggae vibe. Reggae typically does not contain hard percussion, and is more of a soft type of genre. However, if you choose to fuse it with another genre, be sure to make the reggae more dominant and keep the character of the pice light. You definitely need more development, you were literally using the same music clip and reversing/manipulating it. I suggest you invest on learning to notate your own melodies and rhythms. In terms of the interjected quotes, they sadly need to go. They came in way to abruptly and the song didn't continue over them. All in all, I hate to be that guy, but you're gonna have to scrap this and completely start from scratch. Please don't be discouraged about what I said in my feedback, for I was once where you were. Shoot me a PM if you really want to learn how to produce great Reggae. I'm almost always online.
  9. C. Thunder Dash

    Spoiler S08:E20 - The Washouts

    I really like how this episode turned out. What was so cool was how the writers presented the double conflict. Of course, great continuity with the sister thing between Rainbow and Scoots. See, the thing I like about this episode was how Rainbow's rivalry and stigma against Lightning Dust caused a new side of her to arise, a motherly side that ties with her loyalty trait. The greatest strength of this episode was towards the end, when Rainbow admitted she was overprotective, but in reality Scootaloo had the freedom and ability to make decisions about what she likes or doesn't like. Some may say the overprotectiveness of Rainbow Dash was too cringy, but I say it served a purpose to show how when you have a deep relationship with someone (family, girlfriend, wife, husband etc.), your concern for them rises, and with that, it can produce a little fear, which can grow into an obstacle due to the fact that the fear of losing someone actually inhibits them to make decisions on their own. This is why this episode was so good.
  10. Well, the football season has officially begun. I've been a Carolina Panthers fan for a long time, and we were so close to getting into the playoffs last year. That motivated me to finish up a project I had laying around...my Carolina Panthers Theme Song. So...I present to you: Keep Pounding (We Will Return): The Official 2018 Carolina Panthers Theme Song!
  11. C. Thunder Dash

    Thunder Dash - Giggle At The Ghosties...Like You've Never Heard It Before

    I know, I may revisit this one and do some more modifications.
  12. C. Thunder Dash

    World Cup Giveaway Part 1

    Wow...so many awesome prizes...
  13. C. Thunder Dash

    A True True Friend *live* Piano Cover

    Thank you!