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  1. Open

    "I'm Chelsea." Chelsea stated. " "And I'm Thundy." Thundy stated. "You're correct that we're griffons, but not purebreed..." Chelsea said revealing her pony ears. Thundy revealed his too, even though they were more wispy and pointy. "So...are you here for the festival?" Chelsea asked as she heard the music from a distance. Thundy gathered some electricity and made his watch appear on his wrist. He checked the time. "Good, still got time." He said to himself.
  2. Open

    Chelsea happened to look over at the red unicorn. "Hm? I wonder what's up with him?" Chelsea asked as she slowly began to make her way to the unicorn. Thundy turned and noticed Chelsea who was walking towards the red unicorn. "Chelsea!" Thundy called out. Chelsea turned and saw Thundy. "Oh! Hey Thundy!" She called back. "I don't if you should be interacting with that unicorn...I just have a bad feeling about him..." Thundy said flying over to Chelsea.
  3. Web

    Yes, I hope FailArmy never dies...they keep the laughter going up every week.
  4. Alright, YouTube has now been around for 12 years. What started out as a sharing site that was designed to "Broadcast Yourself", is now the entity that brought along many vids and trends that really made their mark in YouTube History. Here's a list of the vids and series that will never die or get old. 1. Tourettes Guy: Starting off on our list is a series that was so hilarious. Sadly, due to his excessive vulgarity...I can't post anything from him, but his shorts and the things people did with his vocal samples really are what made Danny The Tourettes Guy so popular 2. YouTube Poop: Even though I never watch any of that stuff, YouTube Poop will honestly forever be. Because there's always new series and cartoons coming out on TV, it gives YouTube Poop makers a whole lot of material to work with. 3. Beat Drop Vines: As long as there's sports and knockout vids, beat drop vines will stay alive. It's so satisfying to see hits and tricks land as the beat drops. 4. Vines in General: Vines are still on the rise, but now that people can make them easier using the Vine app, vines will always be there 5. Let's Plays: The bane of gaming on youtube...the Let's Play, made popular by the gaming community on YouTube will always remain strong as long as new games are coming out. That's only what I can think of. Any YouTube vids and trends you see that will never get old?
  5. General

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - This was the time when everyone got together to battle. It was just that intense now that everyone had DSs and everyone had either Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. Super Smash Bros Melee - This was the game that really got me into the fighting game series. Super Smash Bros Melee was a game I'd see in just about every public gaming venue and everyone would be crowded around the TV to play it. The hype was real. Sly Cooper Series: Even though I only played and owned the first of the Sly Cooper series, it was unforgettable. I loved all the moves Sly could do and all of the story cutscenes. The cutscenes were the best in this game because they really showed the story of Sly and the Cooper family. Crash Bandicoot - I never owned Crash Bandicoot, but I absolutely loved the games. They were just so nostalgic and oh, the death animations were absolutely hilarious Humongous Entertainment Series Games - Didn't see that one coming right? These games were my ultimate jewels of childhood. I'd spend hours and hours trying to beat these games, and even what I babysat my cousins, I walked them through Putt Putt Enters the Race and fun it was to interact with them and beat the game in one sitting. The Pajama Sam series was also noteworthy even though I only played and owned #2. I did own Backyard Baseball and boy, that was a really fun game. Lego Racers - Yes...the gem of all games of my childhood...I'd literally spend hours trying to beat all the circuits and could never beat Veronica Voltage and her time challenges. Gypsy Moth was an absolute pain in the she'd go for all lego powerups, mostly red, green and blue. And don't forget Captain Redbeard with his love for try and him after he gets one and BOOM! He nails you with a canonball and the words of Sunset Shimmer in EQG 1 echo in your mind "Sorry it had to be this way!". Oh and joys and rage I had when I played that game...especially with freaking Basil the Batlord...what a pain that was...his love of green and reds and getting the warp...jeez... Microsoft Play The Puzzle Collection - This...right here ladies and gentlemen...was what I started out with as a child when I was on my family desktop computer with Windows 98. Even though I was only good at 3 of the puzzle games, I still had a lot of fun playing them...and oh...especially jewel chase...easiest game for me to master.... Team Fortress 2 - I still have this game loaded up on my steam, but I just don't have the time to play it anymore...I mained Sniper and boy...I'd clean house with him. I started out with scout and then went to Demoman, but Sniper was the one for me.
  6. Hmmm, maybe the sample doesn't respond well to that type of EQing...maybe...
  7. The first set are the ones that need more of the low end.
  8. The drums that need the depth are mainly your lower toms. The lower toms could benefit from a 7-band equalizer. Raise up the lowest band by 5db, then the next lowest by two. Raise the 3, 4 and 5 (midrange) by only 1 or 2, 1db to be safe. Finally, raise the high end (6 and 7) 2db. You want to have almost an equilibrium of low and high.
  9. I can help you with basic EQ.
  10. Depth is referring to EQ. It represents the low end of the frequency spectrum, the bass range. .
  11. Ok, It's a good concept. However, those drums could use some depth and reverb to give it more of an atmospheric sound.
  12. Open

    @General Solar Magus "See ya...and Thundy's my friend." Chelsea said as she started to walk slowly off to find Thundy. Meanwhile, Thundy was sitting on a bench near the concert stage humming a tune to himself.
  13. OOC

    I already replied and have been waiting.
  14. Request Shop

    Thanks a lot!
  15. Yes! I run my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 through it. I make my scratch and wub sounds custom on my Korg Kronos. Sometimes, I run my Boss RT-20 through plain wave samples using the 4th function on the pedal, which when the settings are calibrated right, the RT-20 Leslie Speaker Simulator transforms into a Wub Machine. Other than that, you may have to create you own sounds using certain filters and effects.