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  1. @ExplosionMare @Dynamo Pad "Although it's not in the red zone, Xepher is a true test of stamina and coordination on the hardest difficulty. It may be on the shorter side but the chart packs a major punch. We're gonna take it even higher." Thundy said as he armed the song. Thundy and Chelsea faced away from each other, back to back in a sort of standing meditative pose. They were gathering their energies.
  2. @ExplosionMare Been ready for some time now...this is the last song and then @Toshigami Equine could move to the next day.
  3. I kinda noticed it, but really didn't pay fully attention to it...
  4. @Toshigami Equine Waiting for @Dynamo Pad and @ExplosionMare One more song and then it'll be wrapped up.
  5. This is awesome! I see you used 15.ai for the remarks for Twilight.
  6. @Dynamo Pad @ExplosionMare Thundy almost got all perfects but hit 2 greats. Both grades were AAs. "Almost had the perfect full combo. At least we hit everything though." Thundy stated. "Alright, let's wrap it up with some Xepher...that game is catching up to me..." Thundy said. "Me too..." Chelsea said with a small yawn. "Dynamo...Pencil...you are really gonna be in for a treat." Thundy said.
  7. I am still waiting for @Dynamo Pad and @ExplosionMare to respond to Thundy and Chelsea.
  8. @ExplosionMare @Dynamo Pad "Alright, but we got a surprise for y'all after this warm up song." Thundy said starting up the song. When the beat kicked in, Thundy bounced to the beat lightly, entraining himself to the beat. The arrows started. Thundy was on a perfect streak. Meanwhile Chelsea had hit a "Great" but had the same streak as Thundy.
  9. @ExplosionMare @Dynamo Pad Chelsea had cued up the song Love Shine. Since there was no "Challenge" chart, both difficulties were on the "Expert" chart. Thundy was sort of bouncing in anticipation to get the song started. "Alright, ready when you guys are." Chelsea stated.
  10. @Dynamo Pad Shoot man! Great minds think alike. Love Shine is my absolute fave in real life.
  11. @Dynamo Pad @ExplosionMare At the mention of "Love Shine", Thundy's eyes transformed into heart shapes. He ended up squealing like a fan girl. "My fave! That's my song!" He squeaked, bouncing up and down cutely. Chelsea giggled at Thundy's antics. Thundy didn't realize what he just did and stopped. "Oh gosh...I hope no one was looking at me..." He said blushing deeply in embarrassment.