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  1. Ballroom Blitz - Sweet J
  2. Old City Bar - Trans Siberian Orchestra Y
  3. There were multiple spots on all songs, mainly when you sing softer, sing higher or slide from one note to another.
  4. The volcano of your mind Dormant until stirred as you may find Ready at any second if something goes wrong But not to play a glorious song The bubbling lava waiting to be set free By an exasperating chaotic spree But a strange force hovers around Keeping the energy bound Suddenly a disturbance is sensed That leaves the volcano convinced That something has indeed failed Now, the lava prepares to set sail The whole world trembles as the volcano is about to blow With that bright and red glow With a scream, the lava is set free To begin the terror and chaotic spree As the lava flows destruction ensues From those nasty lava brews Nothing can seem to tame this beast But there is a hope to say the least The volcano suddenly loses steam That ray of hope indeed shines with a gleam Then amidst all the wreckage, there is an accord That can only come from the one above, our dear Lord The volcano of your mind can be tamed You are in control, but if lost, are at blame But as long as things aren’t going wrong You can be sure that the volcano is singing a happy song. Wrote this poem a while back.
  5. I have perfect I can tell if someone is sharp, flat or perfectly on key. I do feel like you're holding back on power. When you do, you constrict your muscles in your chest, which results in straining and straining can lead to a voice crack. Also, as I said, posture is super important because bad posture leads to less air flow, which less air can actually hurt your vocal cords because if you push so I said before.
  6. Music

    Thanks a lot! I won't give them away until someone at least guesses.
  7.'s something a little different. It's a piano cover of Through the Fire and Flames BUT, it's in a Romantic Style, incorperating all of the styles of the various composers of the romantic era. For all you classical buffs out there, see if you can spot all the composer styles I do.
  8. Ok They all are ok listens. However, you were flat on some of your notes. Make sure you have enough air to sustain the note and make sure your posture allows for optimum airflow. For your original, you needed to sing a little louder. It felt like you didn't have enough power, which is why some of your notes were flat in pitch. All in all, good tracks but watch the power of your notes so you could always hit them on pitch.
  9. Oh, this episode was phenomenal! Punk Rarity was awesome to watch. Surprised she didn't have as hard of a breakdown as previous episodes...
  10. Spoiler

    Dang, perfect episode for the perfect in these times of devastation as we go through not only Hurricane Harvey but now Hurricane Irma. Hope is a very powerful thing and this episode really honed in on that principal. This episode is certainly gonna raise many spirits, especially little girls who've been traumatized by the destruction and power of these natural disasters that have been going on...
  11. Ah. Speaking of which, what would've worked was a very simple melody on a music box sound with alberti bass in it, but with piano playing soft arpeggiated melodic patterns employing almost all registers and ranges. And no prob.
  12. Nice work. I see you kept it simple this time going with that alberti bass on the piano, which is great for a pony like Fluttershy, since she isn't really that outgoing. I also noticed how you kept going around the I, IV, V and vi and ii, the most common chords in a major key. But one of my big nitpicks is staying at the top register of the piano. Maybe when you crescendoed, you could've used more open harmonies and widespread chords like: A-E-C# B-F#-D etc. Also, maybe give the alberti bass a break, because honestly, it started to stale out. All in all beautiful piece, but maybe try experimenting with more bass patterns so that way your piano lines won't stale so quickly.
  13. Spoiler

    Another fantastic episode in the books. Totally loved the character development in this one. And lol Trixie the the living ghost scared out of her by Pharynx. The lesson, totally awesome. Can't always be stuck in the past of doing things, but you can transfer some of your past memories over to further progress the new way of life.
  14. I'll boop @Miss Reaper whom I have not spoken to forever. Also I'll boop @Mentis Soliloquy because why not.
  15. I shall boop @Randimaxis