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  1. @Dynamo Pad "Nitro, Nitro Spark." Nitro stated. "And yes, I live in Canterlot now. I used to live in Detrot. I grew up with my dad who owns a well renowned delivery service. He wanted me to be the fastest delivery pegasus that ever lived. But I had other plans. Sadly, he wasn't the kind of dad to let his son do what he wanted. He even went as far as sending a group, which included me out into a terrible storm...in which I was struck by lightning and nearly drowned...ugh...this is the result..." Nitro said spreading his large metal-plated wings. "From that day on...I vowed that I would never work for his delivery service again. That's also when I turned to my greatest passion, which became my talent: street racing." Nitro explained.
  2. "Kart racing is much more different than street racing. I also play racing games myself, mainly Need For Speed or Midnight Club. I did play the Gran Turismo series growing up however." Nitro stated looking at the unicorn who appeared to have a gaming controller for a cutie mark.
  3. I say "What the hay?" A lot. I do reference the magic of friendship a lot.
  4. @TRX-61211 "Sure thing. You know...perhaps I could show you my car collection one day. I'm a street racer and have quite the arsenal." Nitro said looking at the two kits. He decided to get the easy one since he already had a metal body GTS-R Concept back at his place.
  5. The Viper was also the first car I truly fell in love with. Gran Turismo 3 did it for me. I'm a huge car guy myself.
  6. @TRX-61211 @Emerald Heart @Dynamo Pad Nitro walked towards the toy store and opened the door once he was in front of the entrance. "Wow, this place has everything." He said as he looked around, seeing some model cars around. They were mostly the lower end sports cars. He spotted a Dodge Viper GTS model. "Well, glad you got the viper, that 6.0 Liter V10 engine is glorious." He said as as he held the model Viper in his hoof examining it.
  7. @Dynamo Pad @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine @ExplosionMare @Windy Breeze 🥧 @CameoShadowness Thundy gathered some electricity and made a large military humvee appear. It had a lift kit, body armor and a mounted turret. Thundy got in the driver's seat and started up the engine. The 6.7 liter V8 diesel engine roared to life loudly. Thundy waited for other who wanted a ride to get in. Chelsea got in as well.
  8. @TRX-61211 @Dynamo Pad The sound of a roaring engine could be heard an Nitro sped down the Ponyville road in his Saleen S7 twin turbo. As he drove, he saw what seemed to be a toy store, something that he hadn't seen. "Hmm, that I haven't seen." He said as he slowed down, pulling a 180-degree parallel park drift, kicking up a small cloud of dust and smoke. The tires screeched as he pulled off this feet. He then got out the car and looked around, seeing a blue unicorn walking towards the store.
  9. Mmhm, gonna use multiple cars since Nitro collects them.
  10. I could go ahead and use my Street Racing OC Nitro Spark. He's from Detrot, but has a place in Canterlot. @Dynamo Pad And lo and behold, we are in another RP together my friend!
  11. @Samurai Equine @ExplosionMare @Dynamo Pad @Windy Breeze 🥧 @CameoShadowness @Pastel Heart Thundy thought for a moment. "If anyone wants to get to level faster, but can't fit in Elusive's motorcycle, I do have a backup." Thundy said as he thought of the name Tempest Shadow. "Wait...I think I've heard of Tempest Shadow before...wasn't she that one unicorn that worked alongside that...oh what's his name, Storm King was it?" Thundy asked. Chelsea shivered at the mention of the Storm King.
  12. Okay, Thunder Dash's wingpower would be well over 30, and so would his twin Bro Electra Blitz. Storm Rush's would be around 24. Melody Breeze's would be only 5 or 6. Nitro Spark's wing power would be 20ish, but he doesn't fly as much.
  13. @Dynamo Pad @Windy Breeze 🥧 @ExplosionMare @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine "Phew, that's one level down. So, how did the side quest mission work out for you?" Thundy asked the side quest group. Meanwhile Chelsea walked over to Elusive. "So...will you still be able to support us with your tech? Maybe you could at least be some sort of mechanic or forger...making stuff for us to use..." Chelsea stated.
  14. @Dynamo Pad @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine "Great to have you Elusive. We can surely get through the next few levels easier now." Thundy said as he looked around for an exit to the level. He then got a feeling. Would the others know that Elusive was on their side? He kept the feeling to himself.