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  1. C. Thunder Dash

    Sunshine and Sugar[electronic]

    Ok. It's an ok listen. However, as I said in the past, you gotta vary your ideas more, and they have to transition smoothly from one to the next. Like when that phasing vox wave comes in, there needs to be something before that. It's all about connecting your ideas to produce great flow. All in all, this song has potential but it's variance and transitions are its weakest links.
  2. Im so excited to see you still making music! Where is your patreon?

  3. C. Thunder Dash

    Sunshine and Sugar[electronic]

    Can't seem to play the track...says it's still processing.
  4. C. Thunder Dash

    Siege of Canterlot: Chrysalis/To Where and Back Again tribute composition

    Ok It's an ok listen. However, you limited yourself to the tonic of C minor for the majority of the piece. That bassline staled out very early in the piece. You need to vary it up so that way, your piece can stand out. You also need a solid four-chord progression, which can really give this piece some extra stuff. Here are some suggestions for progressions: I-iv-VI-V VI-VII-III-V I-v-VI-V III-VI-i-V There are many more progressions out there. In terms of sound quality, most of your sounds can benefit from humanization, especially your percussion. The quotes unfortunately, were a little out of place, and really didn't fit with the overall feel and vibe of the piece. All in all, I feel this piece can benefit from a revamp. Don't be discouraged by what I said in my critique, for with work, you can become the best you can be. PM me if you need further explanation on certain things I said in my critique.
  5. C. Thunder Dash

    in between [Chillhop/DnB]

    Ok. Two words before I go on: Elevator Music Seriously bro. This is so chill. I can see myself totally studying to this thing. I really like how you kept the percussion backed off, since drum and bass percussion can be harsh at times. The transition to the old lo-fi style was flawless. I really like that touch you put on this piece. Overall, love the composition of this piece. It's just so...well put together.
  6. C. Thunder Dash

    TheTaZe's Music

    It's ok. But listen to this: you don't have to be mainstream. You can be unique and that's what people like. As a classical musician, I believe that variance and development is what gets you far in the music industry. Limiting yourself in any genre is what destroys the potential in the song and is why not many people listen to EDM in the brony fandom because they're looking for something that is unique. It's not just about completing the song the way it's supposed to be, it's about pushing yourself to the best you can so that way you can continue to grow in your music abilities. That's what matters the most. You cannot stay stuck in one mode of doing things. This is why I do every single genre and aim to make things the best I can and the most unique I can.
  7. C. Thunder Dash

    TheTaZe's Music

    Ok. Get ready because here comes the truth. Guardian Remix: You need to work on your percussion. Your percussion is staling very early in the remix and that is not a good sign. In addition, your percussion is overpowering your plucked lead. Turn up that plucked lead in the mix so that way, it can be heard. Your leading sawtooth could be run out of the filter a little bit because it sounds like it is behind the other instruments. For the breakdown, you need more elements. The breakdown is one of the most important parts of a song in the EDM field because it's the most active. Use slides and wahs, close to but not dubstep, unless you want to. Rainbow Factory: Your bass plucked lead is off rhythm from your vocals. This is a huge distraction to the listener. Plus, the remix almost sounds too similar to the original, so I'd call this more of a remake instead of a remix. Gotta add more of you into the song to make it a true remix. Serenity: It's to repetative. You limited yourself to the I and the V knowing you're in the key of C minor. You need a solid four-chord progression in order to keep your audience engaged. I suggest working with these: i-III-iv-V i-VII-VIM7-V7 i-V-VI-VII i-iv-VI-V7 There are many more progressions you can use. You need to also change up your step/slice patterns. Involve more dotted eighth and 16th patterns. Maybe even use a triplet pattern. Your percussion needs more fills and transitions. Percussion can either keep your audience engaged or turn them off. All in all, this one needs a total revamp. Away: This one needs the most work. You need to involve more and watch your titles. Snowfall isn't supposed to be EDM. It is supposed to be light and chill. This piece is underdeveloped, and like Serenity, you limited yourself to certain chords. All in all, sadly, all of these songs need a complete redo. It is best to know music theory and know how to utilize the tools you have fully. Also, it is best to pick up an instrument like the piano. Don't be discouraged about my honest critique. It may be hard to take it all in, but in the long run, it can go a long way. You can PM me at anytime if you want tutoring or coaching on how to develop your music production abilities. I have 19 years of music experience.
  8. C. Thunder Dash

    Staff Sectional Moderator applications open!

    Just submitted my application.
  9. C. Thunder Dash

    Thunder Dash - Sunrise In The Dimension of Modular Wavemotion[Synth-Chill]

    Glad you like it!
  10. So, finished this thing about a week ago. It's a chill piece about sunrise and Princess Celestia raising the sun slowly. I know the title is a mouthful, but once you listen to the piece, you'll understand. Hope you all enjoy. Critique is welcome. Note this is a completed track.
  11. C. Thunder Dash

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Yeesh! Why does this summer have to be so hot???
  12. I've had this little idea stuck in my mind for while and I finally decided to go ahead and do it. So, what I did was took the little melody Jigglypuff sings in the Smash Bros series and improvised around it! I even used the clip of jigglypuff singing the melody! So, here it is!
  13. C. Thunder Dash

    I Need Free Music Software

    Hard to find any free music software nowadays. Most basic softwares that have free downloads may only limit you to certain sounds and loops.
  14. C. Thunder Dash

    episode discussion S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    I knew that photographer was up to something. But really, this is a very powerful episode and it shows what happens when you try to wield the purest of characteristics with people of the opposite. It doesn't work. The Mean Six faded because they were made from darkness and evil. The Mane 6 nearly got swept up in the chaos, but Pinkie Pie stepped in and reminded Twilight that in life, you don't always have to plan...sometimes, you can let the wind carry you in any direction, which is what can make life fun. I hate planning myself, but I LOVE those days where I can just go about doing things with no worry and all... I hope Chrysalis can be redeemed real soon. I mean, she still needs to learn that it is not always about taking and getting revenge. Sure you're hurt, but people carry hurt, but you can choose to start anew and forget your past, or continue to carry that hurt and suffer through the future.
  15. C. Thunder Dash

    Request Shop Requests CLOSED!

    Hey, would it be alright if I request another?