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    ``Born in the absurdity, fight for resist, move for seek, atone for regret, decease for cadence; eventually back to start line, all beloved, hatred, dignity and honor are gone, do not afraid everything is meaningless, do not fear everything isn't belong to me; at the last of the destiny, still affirm the life.''
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  1. Food

    sun, air and water jk, a pasta in convenience store with a long fancy name that I forgot its name
  2. Mega Thread

    will there be somepony help my game's graphics stuff? how to write better codes and when will my project have a demo
  3. TBH, I prefer never born in this world that human ruins everything
  4. yes, as a student have nothing to do in summer vacation so I spend a lot of time on computer and my bed
  5. General

    yes, plus many restaurants having a discount or extra goods for this special holiday and good reason to spend time with your family and friends
  6. my avatar is a blue dragon, not blue sky and white clouds and I can rwar rwar rwar
  7. Not just me, all of my brony friends around me think she shouldn't be one of mane character, secondary/background one is her best position instead. The reason for why she shouldn't be the "mane 7" have been seen over the fandom(also cause tons of flamewar), so I'll just save my words. But the thing I'm wondering if she's a hot potato for canon story writers, to write a story about a sudden-redeemed villain, and insert SG into the mane cast seems it's Ha$bro's conspiracy(again).
  8. Mega Thread

    Cat Warriors! What's the first video game you play?
  9. Lightning Stellar
  10. The Game Boy I have in my childhood cannot load save files for some reason and I have to play evey single game from I never finish the Pokemon
  11. Gaming

    Oh... just wow, just amazing as I played the Kingdom Heart I on PS2 years ago, now it's gonna release the III? How fast
  12. None of them, in fact, no pony is in fanon; but in canon they are.
  13. Depends on the personality of the newcome, I'll pick the ep that he/she probably likes, so the chance of join the herd is up(hopefully); if dunno what she/he likes, just start from S1E01 and tell him/her the first 2 ep is bit of...'not very enjoyable' until ep 3
  14. Mega Thread

    dec: 416,259 hex: 0x65A03 bin: 0110 0101 1010 0000 0011
  15. aww, that'll be nice! It's always good to try new things Your response is my fuel to keep going on, thanks!