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  1. IMO friendship school is a pretty good idea for ending the show, everypony having a stable life and the school would be a perfect ending for Twilight. But Ha$bro just put it too soon, our Mane6 miraculously has extra time to be the teacher and the school is just Twilight's stumbling block for doing other things, such as working on the research about the locations, species appeared in the movie or even the "map quest".
  2. Compeador

    You just got kissed by your favorite pony. What do you do?

    Faint. So she'll bring me back to her house afterward, then we can...(͡ ͡° ͜ ͡͡°)
  3. There're always some people just have too much money and nowhere to spend, mobile games form China are the perfect example... the whole game mechanics is rubbish and cheap, p2w everywhere yet tons of people willing pay for it. Gameloft's MLP mobile game is kinda disappointing, but it has very few competitions so must people rather go grinding. However, when it comes to the time limited event or some collecting stuff, it'll be too hard to accomplish all tasks or get all collectibles. I've quit the game long ago after I hacked into it and get everything I need, but now I heard now it has even more stuff that just wants your $$$
  4. Since my sona is a dragon... so living with ponies will be my choice. Just wondering what's ponies' react when they see a dragon wondering in their place :p
  5. Kingdom Hearts Mobile, yet another free to play & pay to win game. Still waiting for KH3 2019
  6. Compeador

    Do you believe in Mandela Effect?

    I'd say this phenomenon do really exist, but I'm not sure what's the "believe" you asked, believe our brain do really sometimes misremember something or the ridiculous supernatural theories? The former one, yes for sure; later one, no. In actual scientific verification, most conspiracy/weird supernatural theories can be simply rip off by Occam's Razor, i.e. the whole question/theory itself is heavily bugged and it'll be meaningless to discuss, verify it's reality, even if we can't prove it is fake. Yes, it's interesting to discuss the phenomenon, but it tends to end nowhere
  7. Compeador

    Is Generation 4 really going downhill?

    Yes, it is; but not as bad as you think. G4 has already reached the top at 2012 and we can never bring back the heatwave it once had. After that, G4's popularity has been declining through these years, but the slope of the downhill just that steep so ppl leaving the fandom is not quite obvious until recent years. The fandom itself will continue going as long as there are both content creators and supports, maybe we could even have another top among the valleys, but it's just too difficult to make it higher than the peak we have reached
  8. Chances are equal I think. But we can never see them fight in canon after all...the whole Equestria will be destroyed if they really fighting each other
  9. Compeador

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    441150 0x6BB3E 0110 1011 1011 0011 1110
  10. Compeador

    General What do you want to do RIGHT NOW.

    posting some shitposts like this one JK, I wanna back to working on my mlp game project, I'll do it just a few moments later
  11. Sia's Rainbow and Open Up your eyes! Both are 12 out of 10, just like other popular opinions
  12. Compeador

    How do people in China watch MLP?

    Firstly, I hope you guys know Taiwan and China has huge difference(two different country in my political standpoint) so we can prevent some misunderstands. Well then, I'm from Taiwan, and sadly we don't watch the show aired on YOYO-TV, why? Because it's horrible, firstly, they'll cut a lot of scenes they think not appropriate to kids; secondly, most of VA just seems not get paid enough, the emotion we can feel from the voice of the character is completely lost. Not mention YOYO-TV once translated Twilight's name to a name of aphrodisiac(aka 活力寶), only normal folks watch MLP on YOYO-TV Ok, so bronies here in Taiwan watch the show from online stream, like BronyTV, BronyState etc. and bronies in China is relying on the one who can bridge their firewall and watching the stream. But there're still many people both in Taiwan and China who still follows MLP have poor English, so most of them are watching the translated episode, the EP that hasn't translated we call "生肉"(raw meat), and translated one is "熟肉"(cooked meat). We usually have few people regularly translating the episode, and the translator here in Taiwan will post them on their Blog, or MLP pages on FB, in China mostly is posted on bilibili. TL;DR: we usually watch lastest EP in online stream, the EP from local official TV station is horrible
  13. Sorry for the super-duper late reply anyway, thanks for all of your valuable feedback! Holy Celestia, I should notice this sooner. Regardless I'm also confused by the title selection sometimes... This will surely be fixed in next release About the disclaimer, I noticed it's a duplicated statement since there's "non-profit" below, thanks for the correction. Yes, but in next releases, I'd rather "ignore" the default space key feature manually in my script, so players won't have to disable it in the F1 setting since not everyone will open up the Player's Handbook. I've received many reports that they stuck at the part that Luna tells them to pause the game due to they haven't disabled RM's default key. Well, the collision detection sometimes sucks for no reason(in fact any software is, Windows is a perfect example), and I've changed the way to detect collision so IDK whether it'll happen again About the message, to be honest, the whole dialogue in this tutorial is done in a hurry, so just treat it as a 'feature' in this little demo . It won't happen in the formal plots If you have received the special code in this demo, you can use it in any version expect the old one to get some goods as long as you haven't used it in the progress. The other items like the "Long Sword +1" you get in the cave, sorry, nope. The release associated with the main story will be available in a few months, the base kernel is finished and I'm working on the stuff players will interact in next demo, including some changes to the title screen, new maps, sprites etc. I sincerely appreciate your generosity, but our plot script is written in Chinese(Traditional), you'll need to be able to read it to translate. Anyway, your helpful reply is already a big courage to me
  14. So, from the beginning of Season one we knew that Nightmare Moon will return "on the longest day of the thousandth year", which is also the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration, and later indicates the first celebration happened after Luna was imprisoned[1]. Now in Season 8 EP 7, the show is around the Celestia's "ones-versary", the 1111th anniversary of Sunbutt first raise the sun[2]. Here's comes something interesting, we can know the M6's minimum possible age by some simple mathematics: Set Celestia first rasied the sun => a1 S8's anniversary => a2 First Summer Sun Celebration => b1 Nightmare Moon's return => b2 ---------------------------------- M6's minimum possible age = a2 - b2 (1) a2 - a1 = 1111 (2) b2 - b1 = 1000 (1) - (2) = (a2 - a1) - (b2 - b1) = 111 => a2 - a1 - b2 + b1 = 111 => a2 - b2 = 117 + a1 - b1 => a2 - b2 = 117 - (b1 - a1) ---------------------------------- a2 - b2 < 111, if b1 > a1 a2 - b2 > 111, if b1 < a1 a2 - b2 = 111, if b1 == a1 => M6's possible minimum age equal to 111 - (b1 - a1), or = 111 + a1 - b1 => M6's possible minimum age equal to [111 + <The year of Celestia first raise the sun> - <The year of first Summer Sun Celebration>] => M6's possible minimum age equal to [111 - <The year between(Celestia first raise the sun, first Summer Sun Celebration)] So, we get another way to figure out how old M6 is! If (b1 == a1) that means M6 IS AT LEAST 111 YEARS OLD Just kidding :p, since we've already know Celestia's first sunrise happened earlier than first Summer Sun Celebration so it's quite not possible. P.S: This way seems useless unless we know the unknown number from above [1]: [2]: