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  1. Happy birthday Compeador!! :yay:

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Yeah, that's true also makes me feel the story writing is pretty lame at the same time, Scootaloo just looks so weird this time (except in the ending)
  4. Don't you think Scootaloo is even way too rude to RD in this episode? Do you really think she'll grievously insult the Wonderbolts? I don't know what you think, but I don't think she will, based on the past development of her. Also, there's nothing wrong that Scootaloo presented Lightning Dust is RD's competitor, because they're indeed competing for the leader position, perhaps Scootallo doesn't know the whole story and every detail (although I think she'll ask every detail), but you can't just be so sure Scootaloo don't know what truly happened there just by that.
  5. Couldn't agree more, these story writers seem to think the ponies are the reflection of immature kids instead of mature and grown women/men. In this scenario(or the most S8 EPs) I can only watch the episode with zero expectation and pretend they already abandoned the character development from previous least that makes my ass less pain
  6. I give 6.5/10 A bit better than other S8 eps, probably this time who forgets the whole character development is Scootaloo since she's a kid after all, right? I must point at some terrible parts, especially how the hell Scootaloo would forget who is Lightning Dust? She already knows who's she and we know that in Parental Glideance, why couldn't season 8 stopping nerf characters? Despite the judgement, yeah, there're still goods parts, Spit Fire seems always been good and funny I love the part when she shouts to Scootaloo XD Also AJ's faces when she says Apple Bloom likes Banana thing lmao The Lightning Dust, yeah, she's back again, she is more asshole than I thought when she shows in Wonderbolt Academy, but that's her personality tho, just glad Mane 6 didn't kick her out of Ponyvile after she almost murdered Scootaloo
  7. Washing Daki...



  8. IMO friendship school is a pretty good idea for ending the show, everypony having a stable life and the school would be a perfect ending for Twilight. But Ha$bro just put it too soon, our Mane6 miraculously has extra time to be the teacher and the school is just Twilight's stumbling block for doing other things, such as working on the research about the locations, species appeared in the movie or even the "map quest".
  9. Faint. So she'll bring me back to her house afterward, then we can...(͡ ͡° ͜ ͡͡°)
  10. There're always some people just have too much money and nowhere to spend, mobile games form China are the perfect example... the whole game mechanics is rubbish and cheap, p2w everywhere yet tons of people willing pay for it. Gameloft's MLP mobile game is kinda disappointing, but it has very few competitions so must people rather go grinding. However, when it comes to the time limited event or some collecting stuff, it'll be too hard to accomplish all tasks or get all collectibles. I've quit the game long ago after I hacked into it and get everything I need, but now I heard now it has even more stuff that just wants your $$$
  11. Since my sona is a dragon... so living with ponies will be my choice. Just wondering what's ponies' react when they see a dragon wondering in their place :p
  12. Kingdom Hearts Mobile, yet another free to play & pay to win game. Still waiting for KH3 2019
  13. I'd say this phenomenon do really exist, but I'm not sure what's the "believe" you asked, believe our brain do really sometimes misremember something or the ridiculous supernatural theories? The former one, yes for sure; later one, no. In actual scientific verification, most conspiracy/weird supernatural theories can be simply rip off by Occam's Razor, i.e. the whole question/theory itself is heavily bugged and it'll be meaningless to discuss, verify it's reality, even if we can't prove it is fake. Yes, it's interesting to discuss the phenomenon, but it tends to end nowhere
  14. Yes, it is; but not as bad as you think. G4 has already reached the top at 2012 and we can never bring back the heatwave it once had. After that, G4's popularity has been declining through these years, but the slope of the downhill just that steep so ppl leaving the fandom is not quite obvious until recent years. The fandom itself will continue going as long as there are both content creators and supports, maybe we could even have another top among the valleys, but it's just too difficult to make it higher than the peak we have reached