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  1. Holy Celestia, it looks so great thanks Riki, nice job you did, and as I said on Discord, you'll also receive something special if my game is out
  2. Riki is too busy to work on this project currently
  3. as long as there're no bug problem, I'd say its marvelous, just look at how big her personal swim pool is
  4. so they officially begin to ship maud X starlight and maud even helped the badass starlight to enslave the town...what the heck is this
  5. well, another slice of life episode, despite flurry seems too OP, its pretty good (also lesson) for those who have little kids. Many parents are too busy to look after or exhausted to their children and just left them a 3C product, and leave the kid alone...
  6. oops, I'll PM you on discord shortly
  7. definitely not this time, she's still lack of character development, or being poor handled, she should stay as support or background character
  8. Definitely not true, I believe most of us have been done enough IRL, and searching for a safe haven here in MLP(fandom). I gotta say it's really exhausting when we(or, at least me) fully armed to against tons of potential threats, annoying "relationships" and responsibilities in our real life, the Las Pegasus episode may have shown a bit of it. anyway, over here, in MLP, at least you don't have to worry too much about the idiot evil human stuffs
  9. kinda like Monster Hunter 3 you can send your item back to inventory during mission, but here just to other checkpoint, right? Well, we don't really have to dump them into another file this way, the CPU stress is mainly from the process of block chain mining, as long as any kind of item/bits trade is done, both the mine difficulty and chain length is increased, therefore the program need to take (a little) longer time to query the transaction history which may caused lag
  10. Happy B-Day, my friend /) ;D

    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Thanks Compeador! (\ :D

  11. Yeah the inventory/weight limit could balance the difficulty, such as limited healing potions player can carry so player will likely use them more wisely, but perhaps i'll just go limit a certain amount of an item player can keep in the saddlebag, it'll has similar effects. Store/banking system will still be added whether the weight/inventory limit will be added or not, some player maybe want keep their saddlebag clean or not keep too much bits with them due to possible death penalty, get robbed or other reason(?) About the logistic system, hmm... i'm not very sure how it works in D&D based RPG , maybe it involved the npc/regions trading? if so, it will surely increase the CPU/Block Chain's stress/length (yeah, you didn't read it wrong, Block Chain, but just a parody in my game), despite the mining reward for player is also raised (of course the premise is the player's node need to be the first one done the POW) but mining difficulty will probably be increased more quickly. (the point is I'm a n00b i don't know what exactly the logistic system is in single-player RPG)
  12. Currently, I'm working on a pony RPG(game engine is RMVA btw), the core system of this game is basically hybrid of D&D(Dungeon and Dragons) 5th Edition(+mlpdnd45e) and Infinity Engine, which is based on 3.5e rules. So, although this is not the most important feature for me need to be done, but I'm still wondering if I should keep the inventory/weight limit from D&D(or Infinity Engine), more importantly, I really have no idea what's the pros of the inventory/weight limit in a video game(except the annoying commercial stuff); instead, the default inventory system in RPG Maker games are nothing but a unlimited saddlebag of holding, the only defect I could come up is the performance issue when drawing all items in the inventory might cause some LAG(but still can be ignored most of time). anyway, I just wanna ask ponies here should I keep this 'feature' in my game
  13. I guess the staff is just borrow some archetypes from the fantasy (western) dragons, you probably heard some dragons will eat some minerals as food, like gemstones, golds(mostly)... the codex I known for this explanation is from the famous D&D series, one of WotC(also belong to Ha$bro)'s publication called Draconomicon- Metallic Dragons, and here's the small part from the book: so I guess Spike works the similar logic that way, perhaps he also has the `powerful enzymes` to utilize the inorganics and produce the hormone that works like Dopamine, therefore he feels eating gems is very pleasant.
  14. this post reminds me the south equestria map from the comic some how it'll be nice if they introduce us the Saddle Arabia, which seems located in the "San Palemine Desert" on the map above; and it might has the most orderly state organization besides Eqiestria in the canon