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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Yeah, this is me telling you you should be asking if people want your critiques. It's also not that hard to critique remixes because feedback is given from the standpoint of a song as a whole, not where it came from. Every time I posted something here, you'd be swift in to say "Meh, it' s okay but i dont like (long list of stuff), without giving the technical instructions on how to fix said problems. Like, I clicked on your youtube link to view your stuff and honestly theres a lot I could say to 'critique' it but I simply don't. Because I consider the feelings of the other person and I'm STILL trying to make sure I word things in a way that doesnt leave you overly offended. But honestly, 19 years of experience doenst equate to 19 years of technical ability or 19 years of quality you know? I've been doing music for like 4 years now, but in that time I've focused on little excpet for making music and specifically improving. Making it sound objectivley good instead of just "good to me". Is it perfect? Nah. But is it good music? Obviously it is, otherwise I wouldnt have near the amount of fans and people buying my music as I do. Now I cant just say what youre doing wrong without telling you how to fix it. Here's how to fix it: Stop telling people what's wrong with their stuff. Stop giving your opinions on why you dont like it. Start giving objective positive remarks about things you like, and state how you think it could be even better. Mention what creative decisions you feel you would make if you were in their shoes, and why you'd make them. Otherwise what you're doing isnt giving feedback to improve, it feels like you're just ripping on peoples' work just to make your own work or yourself feel better
  4. Good thing I don't take unsolicited mixing or composition advice from people I don't view as peers ^^ Just a heads up, it's generally viewed as rude to give unsolicited advice without asking whether or not the person wants the critiques. It neither contributes to discussion, nor has any positive impact on the other person. I've never gone onto one of your songs and said "hey, I don't like this, the mix is bad and i dont even wanna tell you why i think the song is bad but Ill let you know I do indeed think it's bad and I'll hint at it being that way", but youve done this to me several times. Honestly you shouldnt be critiquing peoples' music if you're not in the same skill level or experience level as them, or better than them at what they do. And even then you should make sure they want that feedback. But otherwise it'd be like taking financial advice from someone who just went bankrupt. I'm not even saying this because somehow I feel like your opinions have any bearing on the actual quality of my music, I'm saying this so that you stop driving people away from you.
  5. Youre allowed to hold your own opinion of course but I totally disagree lol Not to mention there are orchestral elements in the drop too. If you don't know what to say about it, don't say anything at all? Yeah I dont really post here anymore, more active on discord, twitter and youtube (obviously lol); got plenty of good stuff out since I last posted here
  6. Merry Birthiversary!

  7. Happy b-day! :adorkable:

  8. Happy birthday. :twi:

  9. Added the song I'm most proud of to the list; I'll eventually update it with all of them. On Wings of Moonlight; a mandatory must-listen for all fandom members
  10. Been awhile since I've posted here, but posting this here for those who havn't heard it yet. Half a million listens cant be wrong!
  11. Happy birthday, @Aurelleah! I'm proud to be a fan of your music and I hope you remix some of the songs coming up in Season 8. :squee:

  12. Well, look who it is I found here. The Ontario brony who made some of 2016 and 2017's dopest horse music. ;)