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  1. Awww, it's too bad someone with that name hasn't been on in over two years :< Happy birthday though even if you won't see this!

  2. I have no idea why, but this is what comes to mind. Fresh Prince of Ponyville?
  3. No wonder Bon Bon has a different voice every time she talks. She's using clones of herself to date other ponies behind Lyra's back! *see back corners* Oh yeah and Derpy and Dr. Hooves are both on the bridge there.
  4. Well Rainbow being the wonderful example of a cartoon character that she is skipped the first half of the story when she first opened the book. Now in my experience, the introduction is located somewhere within this first half. We'd probably know this antagonist's intentions-heck, we'd probably even know more about Daring-Do herself if she actually started reading on page 1. This is the first of the series like Twilight said.
  5. ∞ distance, 0 time elapsed. Twilight, reveal your secrets!
  6. Internet let's everyone practice their inner professionalism. so to say. You don't wanna look dumb online right? Makes you try harder in the real world. Also gives you a more open mind with all the opinions flying everywhere and memes and stuff.
  7. There's actually a bit of an ongoing discussion about this show here and that point was actually mentioned. Some parents feel upset because the show "frightens" their toddlers, while others support it and say it was intended to be for the slightly older audience Treehouse gets. Like you say though, this show doesn't belong on Treehouse and they probably believe that themselves. They censor lines and only have what? Like, two air times? And only of season 1.This is no home for this show! But what you said. FiM would be much better on YTV or on Teletoon.
  8. Live to win! 'til you die! 'til the light dies in your eyes! Live to win! 'take it all! Just keep fighting 'til you fall! And such.
  9. Alright. Here’s Sweetie Belle’s Absolutely Ludicrous Yet Completely Necessary Guide to Saturday Mornings. –The Rough Draft- *Ahem* Step 1: Friday after a long night of internet. Oh well, you’re not getting much sleep tonight then. Alarm clock set for 9:30? Good! Now crank that thing up to full blast. I don’t care if it causes the roof to collapse on your face. You must be awake. It’s 5 AM, you’ve got 4 and a half hours to sleep. Step 2: Ok, the rest of this depends on whether or not you accomplished zombie-ing out of bed… Turn on your enormous 80” HDTV and enjoy the wonders of The Hub. Granted you changed the channel the night before. Kudos for thinking ahead! Don’t have the Hub? That’s no excuse. You pry your giant TV from the wall and use it as a monitor for half an hour. You’re not going softcore on this one. Break your spine if you have to. I don’t care. You get on a livestream and you watch this show. Step 3: Still like 20 minutes? You’re not making any bacon and eggs for breakfast. No sir. You pop some kernels and grab a Pepsi. Don’t have popcorn? K. John Madden your way down to the nearest movie theatre. Steal a car. Forget the police. You’re breaking the law anyway by watching this show illegally. THANKS, GOVERNMENT. Besides, what would Danger-Do do? Nothing is gonna keep you from watching this brand new episode with less than minimal requirements! Buy some popcorn. Forgot your money? So what? Everyone has money. Take some. Get your popcorn and go. Step 4: Crash your stolen vehicle into a random telephone pole. Jump out before doing so or else this will have been for nothing. There’s no need to have a craving for hospital food right now. While everyone’s distracted by the loud explosion, burning vehicle, firetruck sirens and cries of fleeing citizens from the inferno… Step 5: GET HOME. Get to your throne of a computer chair, bed, couch or wherever you do the crime. Put on your $5000 headset or turn up your speakers. Disregard casualties. Acquire ponies. Maximum fullscreen better be on or you will lose all self respect as a fan. Step 6: Recall the words and say them to yourself in dead confidence. Step 7: Get ready to watch. Laugh, love, learn, etc Jail later when the authorities find out what happened. Hey, if you’re lucky they’ll be a bunch of bronies and you’ll get off easy. Plead insanity because that’s probably the case. And ya know… none of this would ever happen if Canadians had the Hub. TL;DR? Do everything withing your power to achieve maximum enjoyment.
  10. Save one at random. Let the fire department save the rest. Everypony lives happily ever after.
  11. No you dodo, you spelled your name wrong! Now in order to keep the balance I must vote for you! Agh.
  12. Maybe this is the mule in question.