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  1. I don't recall seeing Sweetie Belle using magic. Are there any scenes in MLP:FiM,where SB is shown using her horn to use magic? Will Sweetie be going to a school of magic in the future?
  2. I believe that the punishment would be for Twilight to return to Canterlot and stay.
  3. Do you remember the scene where Mac was shopping for a wedding ring for Cherrilee? I don't know how a pony would wear such a thing,as they have no fingers. Could it have been some type of bracelet instead?
  4. Will there be a Fluttershy song in this episode?
  5. Much like the other cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants,this is also getting attacked by religeon.
  6. I don't think the new character will be effective with training her,FS is as tough as a marshmallow.
  7. Did anyone else notice that Ahuzoti and the jungle cates and little kitten,mirrored the doctor and the group of nurses and filly nurse? The doctor and Ahuzoti had the same voice too. I wasn't happy that RD was ejected before she was fully healed,then I understood that the bed was probably needed for a pony in a worse condition the Rainbow;s. "She's stealing my slippers" the mad dog pony was funny,who knew the hospital had a mental ward? "Hey,get back to the Hospital!" *chases*
  8. alright I understand,is it easy to recognize xhat mods and chat admins in the chatroom?
  9. @Zoop I actually did witness innappropiate content,the last time I was in the chatroom. Should I have said something or interveined at that point,or was I wise to stay out of it?
  10. my favorite is Fluttershy's hole in their hearts quote.
  11. so,only pegasi could stand on clouds,correct? then how is it that Gilda Griffin could stand on that cloud too?
  12. I have an idea,a Ponyville holiday called Parent's Day. I just want to see some pony parents.
  13. After watching the apple cider episode,I've began to wonder what was the time of apple cider season. I looked up the wiki on it,which stats that this season is usually in late fall/early winter. as in between Halloween and Thanksgiving. So yep,this episode is late in getting to us american viewers.
  14. Wan't this episode sort of a referance to the movie,Music Man? well,the scenario is the same at least,a con artist sings to a group of guible citizens,and they believe and fall for his scam. don't people/ponies also camp outside in line to buy concert tickets too?
  15. that could be a funny scene,TS could be like SpongeBob and say,you like books now,don't ya Dashie?
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