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S02:E16 - Read It and Weep



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Hmmm... This actually sounds like it might be a pretty good episode. I'm assuming they all bring Dashie some 'Get Well' gifts, and Twilight brings her a book :P

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She'll probably break her leg when she will be doing something with Applejack and end up in a hospital. She'll feel very bored so Twinlight will probably visit her often and say the best way to spend time is to read books.

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This sounds like a lot of fanfics. First she tries a really reckless stunt. Then she breaks a wing. She is grounded until she can heal. This causes her to connect with her friends who are stuck on the ground, and they get closer (unless it is a shipping story, and they get really closer).


My guess is she overdoes it training or hurts herself by doing something reckless (I doubt a broken wing. More likely a pull or sprain). Twilight gives her a book as something to do in the hospital. She ignores it at first, then with nothing better to do, she reluctantly starts reading. She gets caught up in the story and can't put the book down. Morals: don't judge a book by its cover, and seeing friends in a new light. Doing something a friend enjoys can open your eyes to new experiances and you see them in a new light.


My question is, what book? Will it be a book on flying, an epic adventure, or a ponyfied version of one of our classics?

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This sounds like it will be an absolutely amazing episode. I wasn't expecting another Rainbow Dash episode so soon, but she and AJ probably had the least real focus last season, so I'll take it.


Though Twilight's appearance is a must in an episode about books. Anypony else think Twilight's been on the sidelines for a while now, as in she hasn't gotten a great deal of focus? I'm sure she will soon. But then, Fluttershy...

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The joys of reading...

the joys...

of reading...

starring Rainbow Dash...?

Well Hasbro, let's see how you pull this one off then.

Let's just hope she doesn't read Cupcakes and go into shock in that hospital bed shall we?

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I don't know why, but I have the strange feeling that this episode is going to be really, really good. Like, the better than all the other ones that have aired this season.


I guess the concept of RD trying to hide a new obsession with reading is just really entertaining to me.

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This episode is going either:


a) Throw all those "Rainbow Dash breaks her wings" fanfics out the window.




b ) Generate a flood of those fanfics.


Either way, it's going to be interesting to see Rainbow Dash reading books, and actually enjoying them.

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