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S02:E17 - Hearts and Hooves day



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Title: Hearts and Hooves Day
Air Date: February 11, 2012
Synopsis: The Cutie Mark Crusaders create a love potion to make Miss Cheerilee and Big Macintosh fall in love but quickly regret their actions when the couple starts spouting lovey-dovey baby talk. Edited by DashForever
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Out of all the match-ups Hasbro could have selected to become canon, they've gone and picked the one the few ships that hasn't set sail yet. Half of me wants to believe they've done so on purpose. :P


Regardless, shipping is now canon, even if it is on deceptive terms!

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Macintosh and Cheerlie?! Thats so cute :wub:


Another episode i cant wait for. Im guessing that Applebloom finds out that Big Mac has a crush on Cheerlie, and CMC try their best to get them together.


Again, so cute :wub:

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I knew there would be shipping in this episode after seeing the title. Hopefully Big Mac gets a fair amount of dialogue in this episode.

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When I originally heard about this episode, I was hoping--rather vainly, I knew--that it would be something highly dramatic, featuring all of the Mane Six in different ways, on different dates or something like that. Perhaps some nods towards homosexuality, even if tackling that subject would be...difficult at best, given the censorship of such subjects in children's television in the United States. While I'll still hold some hope for a hint of Appledash or something like that, I'm not going to hold my breath.


The actual premise of the episode sounds like it will be fairly amusing and that it could go in a number of different ways. It also reminds me rather strongly of an episode of The Powerpuff Girls, where the girls tried and succeeded--initially--in getting Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane together. They ended up breaking up at the end of the episode. Perosnally I hope that doesn't happen for Cheerilee and Big Mac. If status quo must be preserved, I'd prefer they not get together at all, in ways where the CMCs fail spectacularly at being Cutie Mark Crusader Matchmakers.

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They certainly threw a curveball with this one... wouldn't doubt the amount of fics it’s going to generate. It'll be nice to hear more from Macintosh though and the CMC's always seem to makes things interesting with their usual stunts. Seems like a gooood episode :P
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