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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. HanPolo

    Movies/TV Anybrony know about Xiaolin Showdown?

    I loved that show as a kid. Other than Samuria Jack it was my favourite
  3. HanPolo

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Thanks for looking after my win, but ill be taking it back now.
  4. Yay Dark Knight got fourth! Should be number one though. I never really like Toy Story that much. But great work anyway Jokuc
  5. HanPolo

    Lullaby Dawn

    Lullaby Dawn
  6. Ive been wanting to re-use my OC Lullaby for quite a while now. Im not sure im as good an RP'er as you, but im willing to if you like. Edit: Here she is: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/lullaby-dawn-r310
  7. HanPolo

    Princess Cadance Wallpaper

    Thats really cool! Im no expert, but I cant spot anything wrong with it *saves image*
  8. HanPolo

    Gaming Gaming weird positions?

    Thats what I do! I always bring my knees up and rest my chin on the for some reason. I never find it uncomfortable though. A freind I had once used to stand up whenether things got exciting on a game. I dont know why but I use to find that really annoying...
  9. Doom 3, probably. I tend to avoid scary games at all, im to much of a whimp I also found Bioshock quite scary, but only at the Fort Frolic section. Those paper-mache spider splicer's haunt my dream even to this day...
  10. HanPolo

    Happy Birthday! Here's Your Pony!

    You just described my 17th birthday. Your teacher sounds awesome! And there should be more boys his age who want ponies for their birthdays
  11. HanPolo

    Music Anypony like the Halo:3 ODST sound tracks?

    I loved every Halo games soundtrack! Too bad there going to ruin it with Halo 4 and it's 'completly new' soundtrack...
  12. HanPolo

    Dealing with depression... pony-style.

    Im not trying to whine about myself, but I do get quite depressed from time to time. I usualy either watch an episode or look at some ponies on EQD or here to get over it. So yhea, ponies have helped me allot over the past year And welcome to the forums! Cool OC!
  13. HanPolo

    Shining Armors' "migraines"

    Not crazy at all, this is exactly what I assumed about his 'migraines'. Maybe her spell starts to wear off and become weaker, allowing the true Shining Armour to break out of his mind controll for a moment before she recasts an even stronger one onto him (And her spells may become more powerfull as she gets stronger from his love)? Atleast thats what I got from it anyway.
  14. HanPolo

    "This Day Aria" (Colt Version)

    I've actualy been thinking about a colt version in my head all day, and you pretty much naild the lyrics I thought of. Not bad at all, good job!
  15. HanPolo

    Gaming Halo Thread: The only thread you should care about.

    YAY, my hopes have been restored! ... *sigh*