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Well then.


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Nope. I'm too far away. Uhm...


*running up to you*


Hi there! I'm Anna. umm. what to say...

Well. I love Tumblr. Yes,Tumblr.

Obviously MLP. 

G1 and G4 ftw.

Rainbow Dash is best pony.

Lyra is best background pony.

Sea Ponies are the best ever erufidopkf.


Sorry,but I can't really think of anything else

to put at the moment. I'll probably open this

up in the morning to check for replies and find

that I looked like a complete and utter fool.


Oh well.

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Hey-hi-ho, welcome to the Forums! Don't worry about looking ridiculous. This whole site is one big barrel o' laughs.


Anyways. Hey there! I'm Kolth, the resident reviewer/writer dude who welcomes people at a random whim. It's my favorite pastime. So, Anna, what kinds of hobbies/interests/etc do you have?


And yes, Lyra is best BG pony. You will be spared another day. 


If you ever need help or are bored or anything, feel free to PM me. I'm basically online all the time.


See ya on the Forums!

- Kolth  :wub:

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We shall use the power of the sea-ponies to Shoo-Bie-doo our enemies until their brains burst from obnoxiousness!!!!  Erm.... uhhh... I mean use Pinkie-Pie levels or amazingness to Eat entire four tier cakes in one bite!

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